We Can Wiirk It Out

If you want to join in, here’s the deal. I’ll post every week (or, um, week and a half) (who knows which day?), and you can join in in the comments, or send me a link to your post on your blog, and I’ll link back to it. Here’s what we’re posting:

Something healthy you’ve done for yourself this week, food-wise
How many days you exercised this week, and you can detail what you did for exercise if you wish
Any bonus healthy things you did for yourself
How much you lost this week (If you gained, you can include that in the negatives section, unless your goal is to gain weight)

Current weight (if you wish to share it)
Goal weight (if you wish to share it)
Number of pounds you’d like to lose or gain

How much you gained this week.
Something bad you did to your body this week. Only list one thing, let’s not focus on the negatives.

Something you want to improve for next week (besides weight):

Okay, here’s mine for this week.

I made salmon twice this week–grilled with Old Bay, Frank’s Red Hot Sauce, and salt. And I ate salad twice.
I walked for 40 minutes four days, 30 minutes 2 days, 15 minutes 1 day, 50 minutes 1 day. Also whitewater rafted for three hours last Saturday.
Bonus healthy: Avoided gluten, juiced once.
Lost 0.0 pounds. Also gained 0.0 pounds.

Current weight: 156.7
Goal weight: 120.
I would like to lose 36.7 pounds and look like I did in my t-shirt babe pictures.

Ate a large order of McDonald’s french fries at the mall Saturday.

Something I want to improve for next week:
I want to juice at least four times. I notice something in my face after I juice. My face looks less puffy, and one of my chins gets smaller. It’s nice and makes me think I’m doing something right.
I also want to walk 7 days. That’s not really necessary for my exercise plan, but Rowdi needs to walk every day.

7 Responses to We Can Wiirk It Out

  1. What exactly is “juicing” – sounds like something I may want to try! I did pretty good this week too – I exercised 5 days including a marathon 2hr off road bike ride on Saturday that wouldn’t have been marathon if I could read and follow directions ;) I can see the end in sight – I have less than 20 lbs to go to get to my goal of 130lbs. I am currently at 148.2 and counting. Weight Watchers has really helped me a lot.

  2. Juicing–making juice. You put the veggies or fruit in the juicer, and you have fresh, yummy juice come out the other side. My favorite snack.

    Great job on your weight loss and bike riding!

  3. Carmen – wow! you’re an inspiration! my new hero.

    Positives –
    not many this past week, as I pouted and ranted all week over a stinkin’ pound but I weighed this morning and I was back down that pound (goes to show, if I had been really good I probably would have been down 2 – ranting and pouting don’t help…)
    I did walk 6 days (only once less than 45 min.)
    Neutral –
    current weight – 204
    goal weight – 140
    how much to lose – 64 lbs, but at least 50 in the next year.
    Negatives -
    Well, several, due to aforementioned ranting and pouting…ate pizza twice, really caved and had some cake twice. The good news is that I’ve been off sugar for so many weeks that the cake was just toooooo sweet and I only took a few bites both times……..oooo, splurged and ate some Fritoes (bad, bad)
    Things to improve this week –
    Back on the strict wagon….still need to drink a lot more water…I’m trying!
    My YEAR CHALLENGE starts tomorrow, so I WILL be good!

  4. so what kind of veggies do you use that you get juice from? Obviously tomatoes but what else? Do you use a “base” like yogurt when you make fruit smoothies?

  5. You do realize that there’s wheat listed as an allergen for their fries:


    I’m now very aware of hydrolyzed things. It’s harder with “Natural Flavoring” (I’ve seen it once where it said “from wheat”).

  6. Ann, great job! And I know you’re going to pwn that year-long challenge!

    Carmen, no, I don’t have a base. I usually juice carrots, beets, celery, grapefruit, tomatoes, ginger, garlic, and some kind of leafy green. Also sometimes cucumber.

    Jenn, NO. I did not. Last time I checked, they were the only thing I could eat there. That explains why my stomach has been bad and I’ve been basically swollen all over since then. Thanks for telling me! But no, I never purposefully eat gluten.

    Natural flavoring is also hard because of barley malt.

  7. Positives : Did not gain any weight, despite being sick and not walking at all. Still lost inches!

    Neutral : Didn’t lose any weight, but didn’t gain any neither. Lost an inch in every place I measure!

    Negative : Didn’t walk at all, although I’m convinced there’s some sort of muscle toning benefit that comes from coughing your brains out. Also didn’t make any progress on cutting out pop/caffeine. Bleh!

    To improve for next week : walk 2 miles daily and continue to cut down pop and caffeine!

    Have a great this week, miss Lovely!