Tour of the new house part 1

We’ve been here almost two months now, and it occurs to me that y’all haven’t even seen it! So I’ll take you on a little tour. I took all of these pics the day we closed and got keys, which is also the day before the movers brought all our stuff over from the rent house. I’ll also point out all the updates we’ll be doing (a little at a time so we can afford it). It’s a thirty-year-old house, and we think the extension and the wood laminate floors and the carpet are the only updates that were ever made.

This is the entryway. While I do feel a little old and wise with clouded eyes these days, I am not yet ready for the granny light. So that’ll be going away. Also, I want to either paint or replace the closet door (actually every door in the house) and paint the walls (actually, every wall in the house). But check out the peep hole. That is something I will be keeping in its as-is state. It’s like they always knew a really short person would live here, and it is perfectly SarahK-height.

Off the entryway, we have the ridiculously large dining room. It’s a great size, actually. Fits all the dining furniture my in-laws gave us and has a spot for the piano as well. I like the light fixture in here okay, but I’m going to move it elsewhere (either the guest room or the entryway) and put a chandelier over the table. Also, do you see the light switches and baseboards? They’re beige, and I hate that, so those will be going white soon, and the walls will be going NOT white. You can’t see the miniblinds, but they’re your basic metal, and they’re mauve. Mauve. At least we have a granny theme going, right?

Here’s the view from the kitchen, looking back toward the entryway.

The diningroom flows into the kitchen, which is workable for now. Which is to say that we’ll save for several years and then remodel the whole thing to get me my dream kitchen. There’s plenty of space in the dining room, so I can take over some of that to expand a little, or the little reading nook (which you can see at the other end of the kitchen) can become part of the kitchen. Lots of options. But for now, I have enough cabinet space, though I’d really love to have more counter space. The light fixture overhead is okay and has to be a hundred times better than the fluorescent lights they apparently replaced. The light over the sink is embossed with roses, so. Well. I’m not crazy about the ceramic stovetop–the one at our rent house was great, but this one scratches easily and isn’t easy to clean. The sink is insanely shallow, and I’m of two minds about that–on the one hand, I can’t let dishes stay in the sink, or I’m putting them on the counter after about three dishes, and on the other hand, I can’t wash anything without splashing water all over the floor and behind the sink. I would like new cabinet facing, or maybe just to paint what’s there.

Here you can see the small wall better.

I didn’t realize until I was baking something in the oven that the oven is pretty runty. I might later decide to replace the microwave with a second oven and put a microwave above the stove or something. We just got the deposits from our rent house back, so we’ll be getting a new refrigerator with that money. It kinda sucks, though, because I measured everything, and we’re going to have to get a counterdepth fridge, and those have less space and cost several hundreds more. But we will get to put the one that came with the house in the garage, and I can’t tell y’all how excited I am about having two fridges. TWO! After the apartment-sized fridge of the rent house, it’ll be like upgrading from the little Fisher Price house to the Barbie dream house. I can have an entire fridge devoted to pickles!

I love the brick behind the sink, and I think the thing hanging over it is a window from a very old door. Love that too.

And I’m sure y’all noticed this atrocity:

That’s right, peepies. The last remaining cottages-hearts-baskets-roses wallpaper is pasted to my kitchen walls. Maroon, mauve, beige, and country blue, mmm baby. I don’t know if I can get rid of something so current.

Next I’ll show you the livingroom, reading nook, and gameroom.

22 Responses to Tour of the new house part 1

  1. The house looks great!
    I like the brick behind the sink as well, reminds me of my parents kitchen. and that wallpaper…holly hobbie comes to mind :)
    happy home improvement!

  2. Thanks, Laura! Wait till you see the back yard!

  3. I bet if you left up the wallpaper it would come back in style within the next 20-30 years. Why go through all of the work to tear it down, paint, and then just have buy it again at a much higher price and put it back on? Just sayin’.

    Nice house, by the way.

  4. Thanks, Kathi. And ha ha ha. No, never. I’ve already started ripping down the livingroom wallpaper.

  5. The wood floors are most excellent! Nice flow. The rest is livable if not exactly non-irritating to work with. Although considering the kitchen I had in the first house we bought – yours is like paradise and I would have given my eye teeth for it. *grin*

  6. Love it, and I’m emabrassed to admit, I kinda like the wallpaper. But I’m very … uh country and downright granny-ish in my young age!

  7. Teresa, I do like the floors, and I really can’t complain about my kitchen. I’m thinking dream kitchen, but this one is so much better than my kitchen in Florida.

  8. Erica, NOOOOOO! You cannot like it. It’s just WRONG.

  9. Teresa must have lived in my old house: my kitchen is less than half the size of your lovely kitchen, SarahK. It is so small I’m wondering if we’ll be able to actually sell the house ever.

    I love those floors, and I like the color on that wall leading from the kitchen. Not sure I really “get” the brick thing, but it’s a cool concept, I’ll admit.

    RE wallpaper: the house where I did my second half of growing up outside Seattle had two patterns in each room. Every single room had a chair rail. So 2 patterns x 10ish rooms and halls = 20 some patterns!!!!!

  10. It’s darling (minus the totally barfy wallpaper)! I love the floors and it looks like you just need some fresh paint.

  11. Well, pictures are okay I guess, but I want a guided tour! Let’s schedule one!

  12. Nice! How about a “live” tour – video even ;)

  13. That wallpaper looks like it matches some of Grandma’s dishes!

  14. Good lookin’ place, so far. Nice and open. I’m a recessed lighting freak, so that would be my advice, for what its worth. You don’t have plaster walls though, so count your blessings!

  15. The House looks nice. But what’s most important is that YOU (and FrankJ) like it.

    And I’ve got to admit I hadn’t seen happin’ wallpaper like that since the 70s.

  16. Congratuations! I love the house!

  17. I love the house. The floors are great! Needs some new paint to reflect your sparkly personality and a few upgrades and viola! Paradise (love the brick and the stained glass window! I plan on making those soon! Can’t wait to see it in person! Love you!

  18. Hey…an after thought. If you have lived there two months and these are new pics, why don’t you and Frank go ahead and move your furniture and kitties and doggie in? It really is kinda bare without all those things! hahahahahaha

  19. Uggh…the wallpaper is pretty awful. However, at least it’s not like the stuff my grandparents had in one of the bedrooms upstairs. Vintage 60s hand-sized flowers in orange, yellow, putrid green, and metallic gold. That stuff made me want to vomit.

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  21. That wallpaper makes me want to slit my wrists.

    But the place itself has “good bones” as they say. Or someone says.

    Or I don’t know. I’ve heard it before is all.

  22. Tracey, I’ve had to stop myself from slitting mine a few times now. I do like the bones of the place.