We Can Wiirk It Out, 10/12

If you want to join in, here’s the deal. I’ll post every week (or, um, week and a half, two weeks, once a month–whatevs, just roll with it) (who knows which day?), and you can join in in the comments, or send me a link to your post on your blog, and I’ll link back to it. Here’s what we’re posting:

Something healthy you’ve done for yourself this week, food-wise
How many days you exercised this week, and you can detail what you did for exercise if you wish
Any bonus healthy things you did for yourself
How much you lost this week (If you gained, you can include that in the negatives section, unless your goal is to gain weight)

Current weight (if you wish to share it)
Goal weight (if you wish to share it)
Number of pounds you’d like to lose or gain

How much you gained this week.
Something bad you did to your body this week. Only list one thing, let’s not focus on the negatives.

Something you want to improve for next week (besides weight):

Okay, here’s mine for this week.

*I’ve still been doing the small meals thing, except sometimes on weekends. Also, I’m drinking so much water. Minimum 8 glasses (4 bottles) per day, usually more.
*I finished the 30 Day Challenge on the EA Sports Active for Wii on Friday, and yesterday I started the 30 Day Challenge again, only this time I’m doing it on high intensity, also known as murder-your-lungs intensity. I’ve been working out minimum 4 days a week, usually 5. Plus walking Rowdi everyday (except Sunday).
*Bonus healthy: I’ve been working on my novel a lot. I know that doesn’t sound healthy, but I start to stress over it when I’m not writing it, like it’s this big thing I have sitting out there needing to be done. So now I’m writing, and I’m really enjoying myself, and the stress level is so low.
*Lost 2 pounds!! (That’s since the last WCWIO update, like three weeks ago.)

*Current weight: 152.8!! Almost to the 140s! I’m so happy about this.
*Total weight loss so far (optional field): 7.2 lbs.
*Goal weight: 120
*I would like to lose 32.8 pounds and look like I did in my t-shirt babe pictures.

*It turns out that eating those Habanero Doritos on our Washington trip set me on a serious Doritos kick. So I’ve been craving them and eating them. Also, Reese’s peanut butter cups. I need to really work on this. I’m burning all those calories working out and then eating junk! And yes, if you’re wondering, the peanut butter cups are worth it. The Doritos are not, because I haven’t found the Habanero ones since Washington, and really, all other Doritos are boring. Why am I even eating them? No clue. (Salt craving.)

Something I want to improve for next week:

*I haven’t juiced in forever, and I have all the stuff. So I just need to juice. I love the juice I make, I feel fantastic when I juice, so I really need to do this.

8 Responses to We Can Wiirk It Out, 10/12

  1. Positives:
    Food: Whole wheat chicken sandwich for dinner last night instead of take out.
    Exercise: 1 day last week

    Current weight: 244 (gained 3 then lost 3 again but happy about it)
    Goal weight: 150
    Total lost: 6

    Reese’s blizzard last night.

    Something you want to improve for next week (besides weight): Still want to exercise 3days/week. Very hard to find motivation for this goal.

  2. good job Sarah and Bailey. stop sabotaging yourself with these evil Reese’s thingys (coming from someone who couldn’t stop eating sunflower seeds if they told me they were bat droppings).

  3. The show Man vs. Food on the Travel Channel is about Boise this coming week.

  4. Positives: Cut out some of the snacks this week and that jump started loss again – lost 2lbs this week.
    Exercise: 4 days – 45 min at the gym at lunch and two 15 minute walks on break. Weights twice.

    Current Weight – 140.2
    Goal Weight – 130-135 not quite sure yet
    Total Lost – since WW started 32.8 and about another 6lbs prior to that – total 38.8

    Munching when I get bored. Must stop that.

  5. All right–keep on with the good stuff, including the writing!

  6. Positives: I am enjoying EA Sports Active. I finish my 30 day challenge next week. I’m just happy to be back in the exercise routine.
    Additional exercise: Taking the dog for walks (3-4 times a week). I’m looking forward to ramping up the the next level of EA Sports when my 30 day challenge is done.

    I’m going to start keeping cut veggies in the fridge that I can snack on.

    Current weight: 135. Total weight lose goal: get back down to pre-pregnancy weight of at least 128 (which was over 8 years ago!). Total weight lost: 8 lbs.

    Negatives: Munching on chips and chocolate. And, it doesn’t help that my daughter made chocolate chip cookies today. But, at least they’re small portions.

  7. Positives:
    I’ve been counting calories and doing healthy protein shakes for breakfast and lunch most days.

    Over the course of the past two weeks I’ve lost 10 pounds.

    This weekend, I took the kids out and got a lot of exercise walking around with them. It’s very hard for me. I’m still recovering from back surgeries from last year. It’s still quite easy to work too hard.

    I still need to lose 90 pounds.

    I stayed even weight-wise this week, so my one negative is the BBQ lunch I had at Central BBQ yesterday. I live in food city! It’s hard.

  8. Oh, and something I want to improve: I want to start a routine workout schedule.