I’m a very supportive wife

ME: If you ever murder someone, you need to tell me.
HE: Okay.
ME: So I can turn you in.

13 Responses to I’m a very supportive wife

  1. if you’d turn your husband in, then is there anyone you wouldn’t turn in?

  2. myself.

  3. Hi, SarahK!


    A friend will help you move. A true friend will help you move the body.


  4. Come on. Doesn’t it really depend on who he killed?

  5. been watching Dexter again?

  6. House, actually.

  7. Frnak would turn you in for killing a murderous dictator?! I suppose he would also have turned in those on the “Valkyrie” conspiracy to Hitler if he was around then…

    You married a…. NAZI!!

  8. In this convo, I’m ME and he’s HE.

  9. Have him call me too especially if its someone famous he kills

  10. Jack Deth beat me to the punch with that quote.

  11. spacemonkey, hahahahaha!

  12. All I can say is, if the two of you are imitating Cameron and Chase, you’ll end up divorced…just like they’re going to.

  13. You two should audition for Sonic commercials. I mean, just imagine the same witty banter while holding your drinks close to the camera!