Bite me, hippies

That’s the last time I go for a jog without my Pop Pop.

Yesterday I went for a walk / jog with Rowdi. I like to change up my route every day, but there are parts of my route that I usually see. I was on my way home, had gone out as far as I was going to. I was jogging down the street, and about five houses in front of me, a car backed out of a driveway. No big, cars leave houses and go to other places all the time. But my shin splints happened to flare at that moment, so I stopped and started walking.

Now, it took this car forEVER to back out and straighten up so it could drive down the street (it would be driving away from me). Then when it got straight, it just sat there for a second.

I’m a paranoid runner. I do have my iPod or my Kindle going, but I never turn them loud, and I am very aware of my surroundings. I know where every person is, every car, moving or stationary. And I always have my gun. . . except yesterday. Yesterday I decided to leave the Pop Pop at home so I could run without the extra weight bouncing around at waist level–I have a bulged disc right there, and I don’t like to aggravate it. I figured I have a big pit bull mix with me, so if someone tries to attack me, she’ll jump to my rescue. Of course, I didn’t figure cars into the mix.

So I gave this car a few seconds to back out, watching the whole time, naturally. It crawled. When it straightened out to go down the street, I kept walking toward it, waiting for it to pull away from me. I was still three houses away. The car just sat there. I could see a creepy old hippie inside with long, white hair. He was watching me in the side-view mirror. So I watched him. As I got closer, I saw his wife sitting next to him. Same long, white hair, but she was turned around and looking back, watching me. Both of them looked as if they felt superior.

I kept walking and watching them, and they stayed until I was well past the car and their house. When I passed them, I took my earbuds out so I could listen for a car door to open. My mind was anxious and well on its way to pissed off, but I kept my body relaxed so Rowdi wouldn’t feed off my energy and become anxious herself–I didn’t need the distraction.

I can be passive-aggressive, yes, but I also get aggressive-aggressive now and then, and I had to really hold myself back from it at this point. When I passed the hippies’ car, I turned and looked at them, hoping to make eye contact so I could glare properly. The man turned his head, pretending he hadn’t been watching me. The woman looked down. I wanted to run up, slam my fist against the driver’s window, and tell them exactly what I thought of them. I was angry by this point. At them for car-stalking me and at myself for leaving the house without my Pop Pop.

When I was well past them and they hadn’t started to move, I kept walking, but I turned around and looked at them again with a glare that said, “Get going, unwashed pigs.” When I turned back around and wasn’t watching them anymore, they finally started to move. Slowly. They drove by as slowly as they could, and my anger escalated to near rage. I seriously wanted to beat the hippies down, I was so pissed. You don’t do that if you’re a decent human being. You don’t car-stalk a girl and her dog, try to intimidate the girl or make her think you’re getting ready to do something to her. You just don’t do that unless you are evil.

They got well past me, passed an intersection, and then got close to the next intersection, at crawling speed. I was coming upon the intersection they’d passed when they stopped their car, about ten feet before the stop sign. I’ve gotta tell you, this is when I started calling them very bad names in my head, words I don’t even want to admit to knowing. And the things I was telling them to do in my head–let’s just say there was lots of apologizing to the Lord after that. I was so so so ragey.

I had to make a decision–turn down the street they had passed and let them out of my sight but don’t give them a clue as to where I’m going, or keep going straight toward them. I chose to keep going straight, because they’re freaking hippies, and it’ll be a cold day in hell before I’m afraid of a smelly hippie. And apparently, that’s all they wanted to know. Whether I was turning or going straight. Because they finally went to the end of the block and turned the corner, and when I got to the end of the block, they weren’t lurking around the turn.

I’m about to take Rowdi for a walk. I usually don’t let her pee in other people’s yards, because her urine kills anything green, but today she pees on hippie grass.

18 Responses to Bite me, hippies

  1. So what, exactly, does a hippie have to feel superior to you about? That’s the part of the story that confuses me, is why would they be looking at you with a look of superiority.

    Could be they were admiring that beautiful dog, too.

  2. Just because they don’t have a reason to feel superior doesn’t mean they don’t feel superior.

    At first I thought they might be admiring Rowdi. But then it went on for a creepily long time. Then I thought maybe they thought she looked “dangerous” so they were watching to see if she attacked an unsuspecting tree. Then I thought maybe they were watching to see if she was going to pee in their yard. She wasn’t then, but she is today.

  3. If you have a bad back, how about strapping your pop pop to the dog. Make him work for his kibble.

  4. That does sound pretty creepy. Maybe for some reason they were suspicious of you? I don’t know…I don’t carry guns, so I would have turned around and headed back the way I came just to put distance between myself and them. Would Rowdi have attacked if you told her to? Or is she a big ole’ baby like some big dogs?

  5. I like the pee on hippie grass part. :) Sorry you had such an intense jog!

  6. I’m telling you, it’s the only drawback to getting fit: attracting the attention of creepy hippies.

  7. If your hardware is bouncing around, you might just need a better belt or rig. You didn’t say what you carry, but on a decent belt my SIG never budges. There’s also the ankle holster option. Think of it as those exercise weights, but more useful. I often carry my snubbie there, barely notice it. Yes, I can run without it popping out. No, I don’t run unless someone’s chasing me. And if someone’s chasing me,… well, I’ve got the guns.

  8. get their license plate and find out who they are. Make sure you tell your husband.

  9. I have to also say that was plain creepy and threatening. Find out who they are. They might want to instigate something with you. Go a different route.

  10. I’ve noted their address. Get this–the car has no license plate, which I noticed when I was noting their address. They still have a spec sheet in the window, so I guess they just bought the car.

  11. Sounds like good situational awareness.

    Trust your instincts, they are usually correct. And remember the saying, “Be polite, be courteous, and have a plan to kill everyone you meet.”

    Helps channel the rage.

  12. That is creepy. Glad you are aware. Always trust your instincts. Could be they were suspicious of you since you stopped..and the more suspicious you became(rightfully so)of their behavior, the more suspicious they became of yours. Especially since you are kinda new to the neigborhood. Or they could have been pit bull haters and were looking for an excuse to call the authorities or they could have been thinking a runner would be an easy target for robbery. At least carry pepper spray with you…it is not as heavy as your gun but it will be in your hand at all times. Have been in your situation several times…it isn’t fun.

  13. glad nothing happened. Perhaps to suggest a different route than past their house?

  14. Jeepers creepers… Of all days for you to forego Pop Pop. Now you know why my dear Ladybug likes to say, “Screw you, hippies.” (One of her many awesome powers.)

    Just be safe, all right? Too much weirdness goin’ down with the Yurt Communers.

  15. Big(Censored)Small

    Sounds to me you need to go get a sholder holster. It hids perfectly under a sports jacket. Or as you may know you don’t need a permit in Idaho if it is not hidden. Depending on your neighborhood, you may get smiles or glares.

    One source you may want to check is this:
    You can find out their names by using the address phone look up here:

    Seriously though, There is a reason people have “Creep meters”. My wife and I were suprised to find out when we moved into our home, (We live just blocks from 3 schools) how many offenders were here. One litteraly living across from the middle school my son was to attend. Boise is nice and over all safe, but we have had our share of psycos over the last few years.

  16. ma, a few weeks ago I saw a sign on one of the other streets in the neighborhood. It was a picture of a little weenie dog, and it said something like, “This dog is dead. We have a dog killer in our neighborhood.” So I wondered if it had something to do with that, like maybe they’re the dog killers.

    Dick, I did not think to check the sex offenders. I checked before we moved to our zipcode, but not after. Thanks. Turns out, there are two on my route, but zero on that street.

  17. Creepy, creepy, creepy! No ONE does that to my sarahk! I hates them!

  18. First off, why doesn’t your blog update in my google reader?

    Second… Last year, I had a very desrcript vehicle stalk me twice while running. I have his tag number written down. I know where he lives. And… now I not only run with pepper spray, I have my stun gun, too. (as i cannot conceal carry because apparently I qualify as insane in florida)

    People should not stalk female runners. I can’t outrun you, but I can cause you great torment while I get away/call 9-1-1