All Hallows Eve Eve

This was my costume.

Let’s discuss. First, the face, SarahK. What is with the face?? I’ll tell you. I don’t know how to use my camera yet, because I’m an SLR n00b, and I haven’t read the manual. Sometimes, it just won’t take the picture. It focuses, then just sits there like it is bored with your face and is therefore not taking anymore pictures of it. So this was Frank’s 500th attempt to make the shutter snap, and I was so over it. No one needs to see me as Luna. They already know I’m odd.

Next, the outfit. This was actually reader MonicaK’s idea, so I handily stole it without apology. I had the witch’s hat from when I went as Hermione a few years back, so I found the stuffed lion and hot glued him on. By the way? Really hard to find a stuffed lion these days. By really hard, I mean that Walmart doesn’t carry them. It seems they only carry FurReals and stuffed animals like that. No generic stuffed animals bin or anything. So I found my lion at Fred Meyer, and that sucker was heavy. If I didn’t lean my head back slightly all evening, the thing kept sliding down and pressing on my rad SpectreSpecs, which kinda hurt my nose. So all evening I looked like I was very interested in the ceiling and couldn’t be bothered to make eye contact with anyone. But since I think of everyone as my inferior, this was nothing unusual. Kidding.

Then there’s the ears. Yeah, so I made the earrings out of real radishes and real hooks, pins, etc. And since I barely function as a person with normal intelligence, I used big radishes, which are heavier than you would think. They hurt, and I was taking the right earring out all night (the left ear apparently feels no pain). Next time I decide to make radish earrings (when I go as the always popular Garden Salad, for example), I’ll make clip-ons.

Clothes. Well, I don’t have any witchy clothes that currently fit, so I chose jeans, boots (so no one could steal my shoes), a black shirt (which I forgot is totally see-thru in good lighting, a bonus since the Halloween party we went to was all church people), and a blue scarf. I would have preferred blue and silver, but I couldn’t find one, since I basically shopped for this while grocery shopping and threw it all together in about a half hour. And I couldn’t find my black robe, so I went cazh.

My favorite touch: The SpectreSpecs, which I borrowed from Frank. Yes, I borrowed these from my straight husband, who made up a story about them being a gimmick that his company gave him during his first quarterly meeting with them to show him that he had a bright future. Riiiight. Oh! My favorite part of the evening was when I said hi to our preacher, and he looked me over, disregarded everything but the glasses, and asked if I was Elton John. Hahaha. No, that would have required a green sequined suit and even bigger radishes.

I also carried a cauldron, my Harry Potter schoolbooks, and a Quibbler that took me about two minutes to make. I forgot my magic wand (a paintbrush).

One final touch: The voice. I got several compliments for being spot on (sorry, Caleb, I’ve been saying this for years, ya poncy git) with Luna’s voice. I also told a few people that they were covered in wrackspurts.

My favorite point of the evening was when Frank got up to get a drink, and J (sitting on my other side) moved on to another part of the room, so I was sitting in the middle of the couch by myself, and I felt it was appropriate that I was Luna Lovegood, the one with no friends. (Ann saved me from the no-friends thing a few minutes later.) Later, while we were waiting for the tally in the costume contest (I didn’t win), Frank stole my cauldron and school books. He gave them back at the end of the night, though.

11 Responses to All Hallows Eve Eve

  1. I confess that Elton John was my first thought as well…

  2. I love it! And I am 99.8% sure I have the same lion… only I found him at Toys R Us. The radishes were awfully heavy, though, I had the same problem. I dressed up for work on the 30th & had a party on the 31st, but apparently the bunch of radishes I bought only had 2 that were super small, which I used up on Friday. So Saturday my ears were sore too. Ah, well, now we know. It sounded like a good idea!

  3. I love that you were Luna! She’s a great character. My kids think that you’re pretty awesome for dressing up as her too.

  4. you were so awesome it hurt ;)

  5. I hope you do go as the Garden Salad next year – also with a see-through shirt.


  6. Oh, and as you have retired from accounting, you should now try being a lion tamer. After all, you have your own hat.

    (5 points to the first to get that reference)

  7. Gullyborg, that would be from a Monty Python sketch. Very silly :)

  8. hahahahahahaha…the see-through shirt reminds me of Monica on Friends when she did karaoke! hahahahahha…great costume by the way…i will post mine on Facebook as soon as Dial up allows!

  9. Sooo cute, sarahk!! I love her. You did a great job!

  10. It WAS a fabulous costume…I totally voted for you for most creative!