Recent snippets

ME: Do you want spaghetti or goulash?
HE: Spaghetti. I don’t know what goulash is, and I don’t like the sound of it.

HE: Bless you, Rowdi.
ME: You don’t have a soul, Rowdi.

ME: He’s a priest. He said hell.
HE: Priests say hell all the time.

ME: You shouldn’t call me Bad Sweetie when I have a gun in my hand.
HE: Threatening Sweetie.

6 Responses to Recent snippets

  1. you guys have very amusing conversations :)

  2. If I recall my theology correctly, a soul is the principal of life animating a body, so technically Rowdi does have one; but that soul is not a spirit.

    That gets one into the murky regions of whether pets go to Heaven. I’m inclined to think yes, since Heaven is the perfection of all earthly joys and loves, and those of our pets for us (and vice-versa) are among the best of these. As God perfects and redeems all of us, so we in turn bring all of creation along with us – the reverse of the Fall of Man, where our sin was the axle upon which all of creation fell out of harmony.

    Sorry to bring in the heavy stuff! Luckily I am 2500 miles away from your guns…

  3. If it makes you feel any better… axles turn, they don’t fall, so you can make fun of me.

    Mai metaforz
    Let me mix dem

  4. I don’t know if Frank reads your comments; but if he does then Goulash is Hungarian beef stew, and it’s delicious.

    Onions, salt, beef, potatoes (optional), and tons of paprika. It’s like heaven in a bowl.

  5. No One of Consequence

    When I was growing up, my Mom’s goulash always had some kind of pasta in it – egg noodles or elbow macaroni. It was always very warm and very filling, perfect for cold winter nights.

  6. Say, I saw on Nostalgic WIN! (off I Can Has Cheeseburger) that a SarahK had submitted popsicles for the Nostalgic WIN! Was that Our Lovely and Talented SarahK?