Hot centenarians. Nothing wrong with that.

From tWits. [It's New Moon week, so I can think of nothing but vampires.]

Every time I tell my husband that I don’t have time to chit-chat or make his dinner or have sex because I’m reading about sexy vampires or watching the Cullen boys play sparkly baseball, he tries to tell me that vampires are creepy. Not because of the fangs or the blood-drinking—he’s a guy, so that stuff probably makes them cool—but because they’re hundreds of years old and pursuing teenage girls.

Now, I’ve thought about it. I’m trying to be a supportive wife and see his point so he’ll drop the argument and just let me get back to my toothily-enhanced hotties, but I can’t do it—I can’t even see the merits in his argument. Because he’s wrong. And here’s why there’s nothing wrong with hot vampires dating much, much, much, much younger women.


4 Responses to Hot centenarians. Nothing wrong with that.

  1. Guess he would hate the book Lolita?

  2. No. He’s right. It’s creepy.

  3. hmmm…twitty bird is hard to follow. it’s creepy only if the good looking vampires are girls. only good looking men should be vampires. just sayin.

  4. As a guy who is rushing into his 40s I now think there is nothing wrong with older guys dating younger women, whether they are vampires or not!