My first radio interview

Dr. Melissa Clouthier had me on her The Right Doctor podcast today to talk about Twilight / New Moon, Sarah Palin, and how John Hawkins didn’t vote for me in the t-shirt babe contest. John came on at the end of the podcast to get yelled at, and during that segment, I also revealed a Twilight-related secret about Frank. Listen here!

7 Responses to My first radio interview

  1. That was really good!

  2. Thanks!

  3. Brave woman. I’ve been asked to go on podcasts and radio shows (only small internet ones) but I’m incredibly shy.

    Which is quite weird as about ten years ago I used to run my own internet radio station and happily spoke on air.

  4. Awesome! You are just amazing.

  5. Dean, I like to talk, so the bravest part was waking up at 6 to be on the call at 7. I was so scared I would oversleep.

    Ma, thanks. Did you listen, or are you just saying that?

  6. Of course I listened! I will always listen to my sweetiness!

    You were funny and your voice was excellent. A little nervous sounding at first but by the time you started talking about Edward and sex, you calmed right down! hahahahahaha

    You know way too much about Twilight and the vampire breed in general. I kinda felt sorry for John Hawkins..he was outclassed huh. I liked it when John Hawkins said he was never getting sex from either one of you…

    so there.. I did listen and you were awesome…just like I said!


  7. Huh, I don’t remember being nervous at all.

    Of course I would sound good talking about Edward & sex! Haha.

    Hawkins wasn’t outclassed–just outnumbered and bad for not voting for me.