The Snuggie: Insurance That I’ll Never Get Dressed Again

I should be receiving my Snuggie for Christmas, if Frank has listened to a word I’ve said to him over the last four months. Seriously, I have formed no sentence in conversation with him that doesn’t include the words “Boise State Snuggie.” He keeps smacking me upside the head in hopes that he’ll get the broken record out of its little rut, but it hasn’t worked so far. This is why he tweets at me and Google chats me when we’re sitting right next to each other.

Anyway, when I get my Snuggie, I’ll finally have a reason to get out of bed in the morning. As much as I love reading my Kindle in bed, I’m more excited about the prospect of reading horny vampire novels or shopping online for affordable auto insurance or tweeting (come on—we all know I’ll be doing nothing but hanging out on Twitter and eating bon bons) with warm arms. I’ll miss being under my electric fleece blanket (I should patent the Electric Snuggie), but sleeves! Warm arms and wrists while I read and/or tweet! Can’t wait.

From Christmas morning on, I’ll roll right out of bed and head straight to the couch, then head back to bed in sixteen hours or so (with possible bathroom and food breaks).

UPDATE: The Snuggie is MINE!

8 Responses to The Snuggie: Insurance That I’ll Never Get Dressed Again

  1. Merry Christmas, SarahK and Frank!

    If you are going to receive an X-Mas Snuggie with sleeves, you should also make sure that Rowdi, Minerva and Sydney find their own, sans sleeves, as stocking stuffers!

    I’ve seen them at PetSmart!


  2. I’ve been enjoying my standard blue Snuggie more while on vacation… I use it possibly 4 hours a day at least. :)

  3. Jack, Merry Christmas to you! Yesterday at Walgreens I saw dog Snuggies. With sleeves! I was soooo tempted to get one for Rowdi.

    Bailey, I’m seriously going to live on the couch. Too bad, because I have all these projects to do around the house.

  4. I got two snuggies (dropped hints to too many people, evidently). One standard blue and the other a Cubs one. outstanding.

  5. They are a hot gift. Got one for my Mom but haven’t heard how much she likes it yet. Glad you got what you wanted.

  6. I see my “humble act of contrition” went to good use. Merry Christmas!

    I have a nice robe–like a Snuggie, but heterosexual.

  7. We all got Snuggies from my mom. Mine is still in its box in the trunk of the car since I’ve gotten a daily gander at just how unsexy it looks on my husband. They’re kind of horrible in that respect. I’m glad he’s warm and all, but …. uhm …. yamahama. We live in So. Cal. You CAN’T be that cold.

  8. FrankJ might like the “live in the snuggie” thing or not.