New Year’s resolutions

Not all of them, but most:

*Blog more.
*No, really.
*Stick to a schedule. I’m writing it today and tomorrow.
*Finish my novel. I’m 33K words in. I haven’t written anything since I got sick at the beginning of November. Stuff like that always knocks me off my game. I’m going, going, going, obsessed, and then wham. By the time I’m done being sick, I’m out of the mood. I’m starting again Monday or Tuesday. More likely Tuesday because of the Fiesta Bowl.
*Finally start tackling all these house projects. Right now, all of the decorations are in the guest room because of the Christmas decorations, so it would be a good time to peel some wallpaper or paint a room.
*Lose 30 pounds.
*Have company at least once a month. So far, we’re one for one!
*Hike somewhere new.
*Read three non-fiction books, not including Bible books. Last year I read one and a quarter (still working on The Case for Christ) (excluding Genesis through Deuteronomy, half of Acts, Colossians, Revelation, and Matthew).
*Start making all of my gluten-free things from scratch, no mixes. Also learn how to make GF Neiman Marcus Cake that tastes like the real thing.
*Live in my Snuggie.

I have more, but these are the ones I want to share.

3 Responses to New Year’s resolutions

  1. I can go for the live in my Snuggie one…

  2. I was so happy that my Mom liked the Snuggie I sent her. She is so hard to buy for, but she loved it.

  3. me thinks if you live in your Snuggie, you might not get all of the other items on your lists completed. as snuggies suck you in and make you want to “snuggie” all day long!