Pre-PG weight: 153.1
Current weight: 152.8

I’m not trying to lose weight, but I haven’t been as hungry as before… I’m sure that will change in the next trimester, so for now, I’m thankful that I didn’t put on the typical 2-3 in the first trimester. Especially since I’ve gained quite a bit in my boobs. Seriously, those girls have gone crazy.

5 Responses to weight

  1. I am sure Frank will be extremely disappointed at your boobs going crazy.

  2. You will be a beautfiul pregnant woman. Keep walking every single day and doing some sort of exercise and you will be fine. You were exercising before and keep doing that and you will be skinny again in no time after baby.

  3. If I weren’t such a gentleman I’d ask for photographic proof of the boob growth. Besides, Frank would probably harm me.

  4. I haven’t been to your blog in a looooooong time. Sorry! (You probably don’t even remember me…sniff). But anyway…CONGRATS!!…on the baby. I tell everyone – especially new moms – to get something called The Baby Bargains Book. It’s the best thing I ever bought to prep for mine. Also, don’t buy ANY blankets because every single person you know will give you one…or three. Finally, get this thing…don’t know what it’s called…it looks like a pacifier, but it’s like a mesh pouch. Put and ice cube or frozen grape in it for teething. Also helpful for introducing solids.

    That’s it…that’s all my advice. :)

    Best of luck!