Yeah, so I’m trying to register for baby things.

Which is impossible. Too many choices! Too many items! I know I don’t need all of it, but I know I need some of it! After hours of research and browsing, I’ve registered cloth diapers and a jogging stroller. So at least she’ll have something to wear on her bum, and I’ll be able to exercise.

All the other decisions are just too hard. Maybe I should just pay someone to do it for me. Or tell Frank, “Here ya go, dude. If you make the wrong decisions, your child’s safety is in jeopardy. Good luck!”

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  1. HAHA! You’ll figure it out! You could ask other people what are essential things to register for…

  2. I say dump it on FrankJ!

  3. All you REALLY need are diapers, a couple of outfits, and a car seat – everything else is optional, you can put the baby to sleep in a suitcase or a dresser drawer if you have to.

    As far as wants/extremely helpful stuff goes, I recommend the following:

    Baby Bjorn, preferably the one with the lumbar support.

    Travel system – this is a stroller/car seat combo. You may not be able to use the jogging stroller immediately, depending on the quality of the child restraints. Plus it’s nice to be able to go shopping and load the car seat straight into the stroller without waking the baby up.

    There was a diaper cream that we really liked, the bottle looked like a flat white deodorant bottle and had a baby on the front (I know, how descriptive) that was easier to apply than the stuff in tubes and worked really well. I’ll see if we have a bottle laying around somewhere and get you the name. You can also mix Aquaphor and Maalox for a good rash cream.

    I strongly recommend finding a baby monitor with multiple handsets and multiple channels that have a chargeable battery – that way you can carry it around with you. Keep using it even after you think the baby is vocal enough to not need it – you don’t want to know how I know this.

    If you’re planning on cosleeping, look for a cosleeper bed – it’s a little bassinet that hooks onto the side of your bed, it will keep you from rolling on to the baby or accidentally suffocating her with pillows.

    Johnson’s Head to Toe Body Wash is awesome stuff, since it doesn’t have to be completely rinsed off and it works as shampoo and soap in one. It worked well for my son, but my daughter’s scalp was too oily to use it as soap after about six months old. My son still uses it from head to toe, though, and he’s seven.

    When you buy your bottles, either decide to go with Avent or not – Avent bottles don’t fit any other bottle parts. We liked Playtex VentAire a lot, especially since the bottles fit with the Medela pump accessories and the bottles’ bottoms screw off so you aren’t trying to get milk gunk out of the bottom of the bottle with a bottle brush that doesn’t quite reach.

    Oh, and you want this:


    One last thing, don’t buy a bouncy chair that vibrates – it’s too much neural stimulation for a baby, it puts them to sleep by wearing them out, not in a good way. Or so says my mother, she’s an occupational therapist.

    I’m sure I’ll think of other things to dump on you. If you want specific product recommendations, I’d be glad to look up what we used – I love to shop.

  4. a plush winnie-the-pooh.

  5. Dr. Feelgood

    Having sired four younglings since 2004, my wife and I have a few items we’ve come to appreciate:

    Boppy pillow for feedings (back-saver). Reclining high chair for keeping baby secure while you do other stuff, for eventual feedings, and as an aid to pooping (if baby was grumpy, a few minutes in the chair would ease things along, so to speak). Cloth diapers require plastic/rubber over-pants, which are hard to find and a pain to keep clean. We went disposable and used the cloth ones as kitchen rags. Mrs. Feelgood is hyper sensitive to scents and dyes, so we bought *-free* everything. Burt’s Bees is great stuff, stock up when it’s on sale (some grocery stores stock it as a loss-leader). When teeth start to come in, Hyland’s Teething Tablets are a miracle pill.

    At first we used a giant backpack with everything under the sun for a diaper bag. Eventually my wife decided that just a large-ish cloth handbag was more than suitable (in constant use since 2006 and still going strong).

    Plus one to travel system–look for cupholders. Plus one to baby carrier, though we (meaning me, usually) used a Snugli. The best diaper cream we found was the A&D cream (not the ointment). Bottles are disposable, and the cheap ones work just fine. All that modern bottle tech just makes stuff harder to keep clean, even with the nifty little basket rigs for your dishwasher; and nothing subsitutes for a good burping after meals (mandatory, or gas pains will keep baby and you awake in misery). Our kids were not binky (paci) kids, so we kept a couple of the plain-jane silicone ones on hand until they started refusing them, then we tossed them.

    There’s really not too much you can’t live without. Babies are pretty simple. Ask the nurses to show you how to do a proper swaddling, and the rest will be cream cheese. Other needs will come to light as your get to know her personality. Be sure to take lots of pictures and videos–they really do grow up fast.

  6. Dr. Feelgood

    Oh yeah, one for you. Make Frank buy you the most comfortable recliner and/or glider chair you can find. You’ll be spending more time than you can imagine feeding, rocking, and burping Princess Buttercup. If I had known then I would have paid way more for her comfort at the outset.

  7. Congratulations! I miss a few days and you post all this awesome baby news with pictures!

    Cloth diapers for the win! They are so much better now then they used to be, no diaper pants needed for most of the new styles. A wet bag is really helpful as David writes in his all about diaper post http://davidvs.blogspot.com/2008/04/cloth-diapers-ii.html

    I would suggest trying on different baby carriers, we got an Ergo which was great for David but didn’t fit my post-baby body for ~1 year (stuff moves around even if you don’t gain much weight)

    The bigger size of receiving blanket is really helpful for swaddling, especially if Princess Buttercup is tall. I think it is a 36 inches to a side rather then the 28-30 most of the blankets run these days.

    We found we liked a baby bath we could sit on the bathroom counter for the first several months. It meant we could stand up beside the tub to wash Smiley and I could bathe him even though I had a c-section. http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/NljCukYH71MdrriTLFeh8Q A nice big sink would probably have worked just as well but our house is cold so we just heated up the bathroom to give him a comfy bath environment.

    We used glass bottles which fit the breast pump fittings.

    Babies really don’t care much about anything except being warm, fed and comfy so most things are for your well being and to make your life more simple when you have too little sleep.

  8. Long time lurker, first time muser. There’s lots of stuff _you_ might find you need; everybody’s different. My wife is an expert at finding stuff at garage sales–baby clothes, books, toys, bikes, etc. There’s plenty of kid stuff with a short half-life because they grow so fast. Then parents dump it at garage sales. We’ve found great stuff in great condition.

    But we splurged on a couple of things: a Phil & Ted’s stroller. We knew we were going to have two or more kids, and the doubles kit rocks. It’s about the smallest double we could find. Not cheap, but worth it. (~$400)

    And the Ergo Baby carrier. Many might like the Snugli (yuck) or Baby Bjorn (meh), but the Ergo is the most comfortable for baby and mom and dad we could find. And it has a laser attachment, so FrankJ might even want to carry the Princess. /sarc

    Ergo carrier: ~$100

    Oh, and SleepMate noisemakers are nice if your baby is sensitive to noise. There is debate about whether exposing them to a lot of noise during nap time will help them be more amenable to noise (nature vs. nurture thing). YMMV. But if Vengeance Reagan or whatever her name is happens to be sensitive and easily stirred, a nice noisemaker is sweet. (~$50)

  9. Bikermommy

    I think Dr. Feelgood has it about wrapped up! Sounds logical and good.

  10. Rachel Lucas

    Heh. You said “bum”.