Uh oh

When my mom came to visit, she took me baby book shopping so she could buy the baby book. But the more we looked, the less we liked. We didn’t like any of the baby book options out there, because they were either solely photo books, bland pre-made scrapbooks that had zero of the traditional baby book elements, or they had traditional baby book elements but were bland and had few places for pictures and no pockets for keepsakes. Or you couldn’t add pages.

So I decided to make the baby book. Oh, SarahK.

We got a lot of papers and accents to get me started, and I’ve worked on it here and there ever since and mostly finished her 2-page name layout a few days ago. But y’all know me and my obsessions–I get obsessed easily and don’t fall out of obsession nearly as easily. So yes. I’m now obsessed with making this baby book and with scrapbooking in general. On the one hand, this is good, because I have bins and bins of mementos and scraps just waiting to be put into books. On the other hand, scrapbooking is expensive. I’ve been pretty good about not spending too much money–only buying embellishments and paper when they’re on sale, using coupons religiously, only buying stickers if I can think of ways to use more than just the one sticker in the package that I really want.

But then when I learned about and became obsessed with the Cricut, I also happened to have a couple months’ worth of allowance saved up. Bad combo.

Yes, my new Cricut arrives today. I got it on eBay and feel like I should be in a Weird Al song. I’m so excited about it that I’m trying to get all my cleaning finished this morning so I can play with it all afternoon. And yesterday I went and bought a bunch of scrap papers on clearance so I can play cheaply.

So I’m not saying that this blog might get a little crowded with boring scrapbooky stuff, but I’m also not saying that it won’t.

5 Responses to Uh oh

  1. welcome to the club!!!!

  2. I made all my kids’ baby books and scrapbooks by hand, too. I’m glad I took the time; they are treasures and soooooo much more personal. I look forward to reading of your scrapping adventures; I’ve had a few, myself. :)

  3. To Frank: Bwahahahahahaha! Have fun, buddy.

    To Sarah: I owe you a pic of my wife’s (no lie) four-foot stack of scrapbooking paper and assorted supplies.

  4. I really gotta print some pictures so I can join you.

  5. Awww…I started something big, huh?