*Princess Buttercup has still not arrived (that’d be kinda sorry if she had and I didn’t let you know, huh?). Contractions started 22 days ago, and I’ve decided she’s a big ol’ drama queen. I have no idea where she gets it. Occasionally, there will be something different about the contractions or the way I feel, and I’ll think, “Oh! This could be it!” So far, it’s not it. But whatevs, she’ll be here soon soon soon! I’m due Friday, and my doctor said the max he’ll let me go past my due date is a week and a half, so she’ll be here by the 18th or 19th no matter what! He’s also offered to induce me at any time. I don’t want to be induced until it becomes medically necessary. Friday I’m going to ask his thoughts on castor oil. Have I mentioned how much I don’t want Pitocin? Yeah, I don’t.

*I have one more hospital story to write, because we went three times in one week way back when. There’s an actual good chance it’ll be written, since I want it for my pregnancy scrapbook and/or the Drama Queen section of the baby book.

*I’m really enjoying making the baby book. I have 1 finished page and a few other started / mostly done pages. Ok, mostly I’m enjoying collecting scrapbooking supplies with my allowance every month and learning how to use all the stuff I’m collecting.

*There’s a consignment sale for used crafting supplies in Boise Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. So I’m torn about whether Buttercup should come before then.

*I don’t get the whole Tim Holtz thing with scrapbooking. I just don’t get it. It’s dark and messy, and while I can see the artsiness of it (some of it incredibly well done), I just don’t think it’s pretty. And everyone seems to be into it except me. I think it’s just the whole messiness of it. Looks like you just dumped out several bins of supplies and then glued them on a page and covered them in dark ink.

*The last month of pregnancy is murder on the pelvis. And the bladder. And the sleep. I now sleep sitting up in the glider.

*I’m up to 14 pounds now. After being at 7 pounds like a month ago. I seem to gain 2 a week now. Come on, Buttercup, get here so I can stay within my goal of 15!

*I’ve had every sign of impending labor except water breakage. You know, the one that counts.

*Rachel Lucas is back!!!! I both heart AND love her.

*Community is still the funniest show on TV. Also, the new Running Wilde (with Keri Russell and Will Arnett) is hilarious and has lots of references to Arrested Development. WATCH IT SO IT DOESN’T GET CANCELLED. Oh, who am I kidding? I love it, so it’s doomed.

*I’ve had this pain above my left ear (just above) for a few months now. Comes and goes. Mainly comes if I blow my nose or sniff or whatever. It started with nose blowing, because I’ve done that excessively since getting pregnant. So I dunno if it’s an ear thing or a jaw thing. I may have to consider seeing my general doc. Maybe I’ll ask her about it when she visits the baby in the hospital.

*My belly itches. No matter what time you’re reading this, my belly itches.

*Frank has become a master of the foot rub and the back rub. It’s my new favorite thing about him, and I’m hoping he’ll keep it up after the baby comes.

11 Responses to Random

  1. Please, please, please don’t use castor oil! It will just make you feel worse.

  2. Congrats, I didn’t even know you and Frank were pregnant.

    CASTOR OIL DOES NOT WORK. WARNING WARNING WARNING. Yuck. Horrible. Tastes awful. Burps and other very yucky things will happen.

    I had to sit on the potty for about 3 hour and I got something much less pleasant than a baby.

    (I was overdue at the time)

    Pitocyn sucks sucks sucks. I bet you don’t go much past your due date, a week and a half is an awesome amount for your doc to give you.

    Good luck !!!!
    (I’ve had five kids- and prolly have given birth every possible way – completely natural, pitocyn, c-section, etc)

    Oh, one more bit. Don’t fall for the “lets break your water and see what happens – NOTHING WILL HAPPEN , and you’ll end up with the pit”

  3. Oh, and I’ve had three of my babies right around my due date; day before, two days before.

    First was a week early (the outlier) , second was 2 days early, third 1 day early, 4th 10 days late (another outlier) , and last was … lemme think – 2 days early.

  4. oh yeah, that skin stretching ITCHES!!! I’ve known a few people who’ve done the castor oil thing and it’s worked both times but I’ve also heard it makes your labor longer.

  5. So that’s 2 votes for castor oil and 2 against. :)

  6. No opinion on the castor oil thing, but the one thing that helped with the belly itch for me was religious application of Burt’s Bees Belly Balm.

  7. Quinine and bumpy roads don’t help much, but give you an excuse to explore backroads and get out of the house. We tried them both and my daughter (last of three kids) showed up the way she has ever since…when she was good and darn ready!

    And the foot/back rub thing? Simple reward-based training will keep that going on…

  8. Frank needs to keep up with the rubbing thing. It’s about the best thing he can do for you outside of changing nappies.

  9. I’ve heard peeps say that if you are close to going into labor the Castor oil works. Because it irritates your bowels and … yada yada yada. Chances are you would have gone into labor anyway…

    I was over a week overdue when I tried it, and it didn’t work. I felt horrible. I can still taste the CO burps.

  10. Mexican food tastes a lot better than castor oil. And if it doesn’t cause you to go into labor, well…at least you had something good that didn’t taste like a bad memory!

  11. Speaking clinically, the most natural ways to induce labor is walking and nipple stimulation. It increases the amount of oxytocin in your body, which is the natural form of pitocin. And not to be rude but having ‘marital relations’ helps as well, for the same reason.