Daily Bible Reading Thoughts

I’m following along at Daily Bible Reading Thoughts (well, I’m behind, as I’m always behind on everything). The site will go through the Bible in chronological order over the course of the year, with a few different people posting their thoughts on the day’s passage. My preacher and a few other people will be writing the blog. Roger (the preacher) is always surprising me in Bible studies; he picks up on things I’ve never noticed, researches thoroughly, and is always learning himself. I enjoy his Bible studies and always learn something new.

Anyway, it’s open for anyone to follow along, so join in if you want to!

2 Responses to Daily Bible Reading Thoughts

  1. Funny you should mention it. My wife’s advice is to just keep reading from the current date, don’t get discouraged about being behind. She is on her 2nd trip through, and about twice as many family members are on board this year as last.

  2. I love it. Will read it every time it’s posted.