worse than childbirth

I’ve heard my whole life (not from my mom, but from TV, friends, relatives, other random women) that childbirth is the worst thing a woman can ever go through. I wholeheartedly disagree. I mean, it’s not all cupcakes and rainbows, but I’ve been through many things worse than childbirth. Such as:

*4-hour root canal where the dentist had to use, for the first time ever, his longest picks and had to sand a pulp stone for a good 2 hours. I had that horrible rubber dam across my mouth for 3 hours. And I cried the whole time.
*3 years of near-constant migraines
*teeth cleanings (I am the world’s worst dental patient)
*having my cervix stretched
*round ligament pain
*church split
*reading Wuthering Heights
*double dry sockets

Yeah, childbirth hurts. Yeah, there are times when you just want it to be over. But no, it’s not the worst thing ever. A lot of it is beautiful and fantastic. I can’t wait to do it again–and I can’t say that about the root canal.

UPDATE: I forgot gallbladder attacks.

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  1. I’m down with that. Except I was never really told it was the worst thing ever, but … it ain’t.

    Too late at night for me … misspelled my own name on first version of this comment.

  2. Wellllllll I’m not too sure about that. As beautiful and amazing as each time was, it DID hurt an awful lot. I’ve had migraines and nightmarish dental procedures, as well but I guess you’re right – when those are over you don’t have a beautiful baby in your arms! So OK fine – you’ve convinced me. It’s not the WORST.

  3. Never having given birth, I have no comparisons but I did always think that, well, if you want the baby that is coming out of you, giving birth to it cannot possibly be the worst thing ever…because like Sulamie said, at least when it’s over, you have a brand-new human being on the planet.

    All I ever had after long root canals (have had two, and I HATE THAT RUBBER DAM THINGY WITH FIRE) was a bill for about a thousand bucks.

    P.S. I hear you on “Reading Wuthering Heights”. LOL.

  4. can’t speak for being worse than childbirth, but Wuthering Heights is excruciating to read. worse still, i did it voluntarily.

  5. I slammed my finger in the car door (on our honeymoon, no less.) That hurt worse than any of the 4 childbirths I experienced.

  6. ugh Wuthering Heights. HATE.

  7. @Jeffrey, I read it voluntarily too. Horrible idea.

  8. Two root canal in one tooth with allfoir roots calcified and walling off infection. one root canal draining pus for 15 minutes while the endodontist timed it . Plastic surgery resecting old scars-the lidocaine burns lile fire, but it is worth it.. to have bone wuiideep scars from a childhood car accident resected and improved. but laying on the delivery table, passing out -completely relaxed I am out shopping for stuff for the hospital in my head-then way off in the distance I hear “push” – oh yea, im having a baby, back to work.

  9. I got gas once… it wasn’t so bad. (I’m talking about at the dentist)

  10. In at least one study, women consistently list “Passing a Kidney Stone” as more painful than Childbirth. But – judging by your list – you haven’t done that (yet).

    Also, can you explain “Round Ligament Pain” and “Double Dry Socket”? I’ve never heard those terms.

  11. Round ligament pain sent me to the hospital when I was 8.5 months pregnant. It basically feels like a gallbladder attack in your uterus. Hurts bad. The round ligament gets overworked and overstretched during pregnancy.

    After I had my wisdom teeth out, I had dry sockets in my bottom wisdom teeth holes. Basically it means they’re inflamed, dry, and full of misery. Makes your whole body hurt.

  12. From your article, it appears that when it comes to pain, there is a very fine line between a root canal and a vaginal canal. Sorry to hear that you and the people in the comments section had to endure the pain that you had. Like the rest of the guys, I can’t relate to the ordeal of childbirth, but I did endure 3 weeks of hell when all 4 wisdom teeth were taken out at the same time.

  13. Well, being male, I cannot honestly relate this to childbirth myself but i’ve been told by women who have endured both that it is more painful. And i can certainly vouch for how painful it is. it hurts worse than ANYTHING I have ever experienced before. What? kidney stones… I’ve had lots of them. I’m a “frequent flyer” in fact. If there is one thing that would make me beg for a bullet, that is it. Thank GOD for morphine…but there was one time when even Morphine was not enough… and yes, I was contemplating suicide then it hurt so damned much. Had I a gun at the time I might just have done it too…it was probably the ONLY time that hospitals being gun free zones saved someone’s life…

  14. I had a root canal at age nine, it wasn’t too bad, so I think all the other folks on here must have had crappy oral surgeons. Childbirth was worse than the root canal for me. Two attempts at natural childbirth, children turned the wrong way causing incredibly painful back labor, and then two c-sections complete with recovery (the second one with an 18-month-old) at home. I’ve got a lot of weird dental anomalies, so going to the dentist has become old hat. I did dance on a broken toe once, and that hurt, but I think a 9 pound baby turned the wrong way trying to come out of a too-small space was worse.

    But I agree with all the other moms on here- I’d do it all again in a heartbeat to have my precious babies!! They are worth everything!

    Didn’t have dry socket, so I can’t attest to that, but I was allergic to the pain meds they gave me after my wisdom teeth were pulled, so I had to make it through with ibuprofen… My college roommate had 6 wisdom teeth that all got dry socket, and she said it was awful. My condolences. Ugh.

  15. Wuthering Heights hah – try reading HD Thoreau’s ‘Walden Pond….. talk about pain.
    I’d rather have 15 kids instead……

  16. Kidney stones are the worst, I’ve had 3, and each one left me in utter agony. (The first was the worst, was also the largest.) And my mother agrees, kidney stones are worse than childbirth.

  17. Hmmm, worse than worst…..kidney stone attack just as labor starts…..

  18. I’d rather give birth than sprain my MCL again. But I had relatively easy childbirth. I didn’t even have to push, they just fly right out of there.