16 pounds!

I only have 16 pounds to go to my goal weight! I weighed in at 136 this morning! Yes, it’s 2 hours later, and I’m still overjoyed about it. I’d been stuck fluctuating between 138 and 141 for a couple of months, so to finally get past that fluctuation is sweet!

So now I’m 17 pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight. Woo!

When I first met Frank in person, I weighed somewhere around 130. When I won the t-shirt babe contest I was around 125. My immediate goal is 120, though I won’t lie–I have a further goal of 115. But 120 would make me so happy.

Heck, 136 makes me ecstatic. At 120, I’ll give birth to a litter of kittens.

3 Responses to 16 pounds!

  1. You rock little girl!

  2. How did I miss this before?? Woo hoo, girl!! That is fantastic!

  3. Angela (Ian's other half)

    Not a litter of kittens because then you have to start the whole weight loss thing over. ;)