No one told me there would be a growth spurt at 4.5 months

Ay yi yi. Or is it ay ay ay? Anyway, shazam. The baby normally eats for 6 to 9 minutes before going to bed (which probably gets her a good 6 or so ounces, as she’s very efficient, and my boobs are over-productive). And since I wasn’t expecting another growth spurt until she’s 6 months old, I was not prepared for last night.

I was already exhausted, because we’ve had a rough/busy week this week. We even missed our exercise all but one morning, but it’s just been that kind of week. It seems like she’s sleeping fine and napping better, but by yesterday afternoon, I was totally zapped. When we got home last night, we gave her a bath right away, and then I tried to feed her. Not interested.

So Frank started the bedtime ritual (he puts her to bed every night after I feed her), and then, of course, she was staaaaaarving. She ate for 37 minutes! She’s only gone that long two other times, once the night before she slept through the night, and once during a growth spurt. So I was thinking she’d sleep through the night, needing no more food for the belly.

Wrong. I had to feed her 3 more times from the time she went to bed until 7 this morning. This totally feels like a growth spurt. Here’s hoping it lasts only a day or two. Her 3-month growth spurt lasted 4 days, during which I rarely was allowed to be anything other than a dairy cow.

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