so it begins

We were in Seattle this past weekend, and you know what Seattle has that Boise doesn’t? Chipotle. Chipotle Chipotle Chipotle Chipotle. Why, yes, I did eat there twice, why do you ask?

Anyway, the first time we were there, I had a little bit of guacamole that I hadn’t yet mixed into my burrito bol, so I smeared a little on my fingertip and offered it to the Cup-Cup. She didn’t mind it or anything, and when I offered her some more, she took that too.

We’ve been waiting to get back from Seattle before starting solid foods. Mainly because I’ve had this vision of her happily throwing food everywhere, and we were having new laminate floors put in the dining room last week, so I wanted to wait until the easy-to-clean floors were in before the food throwing started. Of course, now I realize that she won’t be feeding herself at six months old, so I didn’t really need to wait. I’m sometimes super-smart.

I think we’ll start with avocado tonight. Why avocado? Well, that’s pretty much the only fruit or vegetable I have on hand, because I seriously need to go grocery shopping.

In other news, we have to start having boring dinners at the dining table so Buttercup understands that’s where normal people eat. When she’s older, we can teach her to eat at TV trays and to pretend when she goes to other kids’ houses that she knows how to properly eat at a dining table.

It should be interesting. Every food she tries will help me adjust how much I love her. I mean, I’d have to love her a little less if she’s a fennel fan.

9 Responses to so it begins

  1. Go ahead and let her eat her own food. I had to feed my kids naked at first until they got the hang of it.

  2. Writersblock

    In related news, we have at least three avocados growing on our tree! First ever!

  3. I was told by a lactation consultant that avocado is an excellent first food. It’s squishy, yet grab-able, and has many nutrients contained in breastmilk. Glad your daughter likes it! My oldest son wouldn’t eat it, but he has food issues to this day (oatmeal, bananas, and peanut butter are all he eats). Hopefully my six-month-old will have a broader palate, but I haven’t started solids yet, either.

    Also, Chipotle is TEH YUM! We had it when we lived in Monterey, CA, but there aren’t any on our side of the water here (we live just west of Seattle, a long drive or ferry ride away). We have Qdoba, which is still tasty, but just isn’t as good.

  4. A fennell fan? She’s gonna be a Cowboy fan silly! ;)

  5. Dr. Feelgood

    There may not be Chipotle in Boise, but there is Qdoba. Some people are irrationally committed to one or the other. I like both just fine.

  6. Qdoba is just not the same. The portions are smaller, the rice isn’t as good, the salsas aren’t as good, and the guac isn’t as good. It doesn’t do it for us. We eat there because we don’t have Chipotle, but if we had Chipotle, we would never bother with Qdoba.

  7. Jeanne, we should have stripped her down before avocado. She was covered in it. It was kind of adorable.

    WB, yay! That’s so exciting!

    Ma, *groan*

  8. Here’s a hint that you will shortly need: Don’t bother with bibs. We have lots of adorable bibs that people bought or made for us, and we got so tired of soaking them to get out the oatmeal and whatnot that we switched to paper towels with little clips to hold them on to clothing.

    If you’re a dirty hippie and worried about the impact on the environment, you’ve never tried to get instant oatmeal out of a terry cloth bib.

  9. “I’d have to love her a little less if she’s a fennel fan.”

    Ahem. Replace “fennel” with “Toby Keith” and you know how I feel right now.

    I’m not mad…I’m just…disappointed.

    Haha, kidding.