mama endorsed: nursing products

To complete my journey into full-blown mommy-bloggerhood, I’ve decided to do a post or several posts telling y’all about my favorite baby products. I’ll probably also tell y’all about products that have not impressed me. Hooray, my blog just got even more boring!

Since my child decided to only snack for most of the day and I’m therefore a little uncomfortable, I’ll start by talking about nursing-related products.

First, my breast pump. Hey, fellas, where are y’all going? Is it something I said? Anyway, since I’m home with baby all the time, I’ve never really needed an electric pump, so I just have a manual pump. It’s by Lansinoh, and I love it. I mean, as much as one can love a breast pump. Oh, I also cracked up when Liz Lemon called it a mommy microphone on 30 Rock a few weeks ago. I was like, “Ha! It’s my pump!” I hate myself right now.

Next, my hooter hider, as they’re called. Also known as that apron I use for nursing in public. I really like mine, it’s a Bebe Au Lait (could that brand name be any more obnoxiously cutesy?). I like it because it’s wide enough for full coverage, it has little burp cloths sewn into the inside, and the way it is made, I can watch baby — very handy when we were first working on the whole nursing thing.

Nursing bras are another story. I have yet to find a comfortable nursing bra. The Motherhood Maternity ones are a joke. I have 2 of their joggers, which are a complete waste of the money I spent on them. They’re supposedly made for nursing mamas, but they provide zero support, and when you’re nursing, your boobs are sensitive, especially if your milk ducts are full. You simply cannot have your girls bouncing around the way they would in a Motherhood jog bra. I have another non-jogger, too, from Motherhood. Pretty much the most uncomfortable bra I’ve ever worn. I have a Gilligan & O’Malley nursing bra that I got at Target. It’s okay, I guess, but I’m not inspired to wear it. Most days I end up just wearing a Medela sleep bra and letting ‘em sag. I love these things and have more than one.

I did buy a jog bra when I was first pregnant, and it’s the one I use now so I can work out comfortably. It’s a Champion Maximum Support. I wish it came in a nursing style.

Everyone says to buy the Lansinoh boob cream, and I have some, but I haven’t really used it that much. It feels great, but I just haven’t needed it. Also, I had thrush for about 5 months, so the last thing I wanted to do was keep my boobs moist so the thrush could thrive (you’re welcome for that). One of my mom friends did tell me it works great for chapped lips, too, but I haven’t tried it.

For bottles, we have Dr. Brown’s and then some Playtex Drop-ins. We’ve used the Playtex some, but we can’t store very much milk using that system unless we wanted to really buy a lot of kits, so we don’t use those as much as the Dr. Brown’s bottles. I will say that the supposed “anti-gas” feature of the bottles doesn’t really work. She’s had some amazingly huge burps after we’ve used one of these bottles. I mostly freeze milk in Lansinoh storage bags. Those are great, because they’re thin, and it doesn’t take long to heat milk in a bowl of water in one of those bags.

Breast pads. Oh, breast pads. I’d heard about how great the Lansinoh ones were, and I was not impressed. They never stayed in place and were constantly folding in on themselves. So I switched to Johnson’s. They stay in place beautifully, but get this–they have nipples. I get the concept of having a little pocket on the inside that your nipple goes into–that helps them stay in place. But they have nipples on the outside! One of the reasons for wearing breast pads is to hide your nipples, so to me this is the opposite of helpful. I love them anyway because they stay in place so well.

I’m going to miss my male readers.

7 Responses to mama endorsed: nursing products

  1. Nursing bras – allow me to recommend Bravado, particularly the BodySilk one –

    Nipple cream – the Lansinoh is too thick. Yes, great for chapped lips and if Buttercup gets drool rash on her chin while teething. But for your actual nipples? Get Motherlove –

  2. Oh, that thrush…. We had it forever as well. I am so terrified of a recurrence!

    Meh on nursing bras, I just went back to my old style, just a bigger size.

  3. Hi, Sarah K:

    I sat through your dissertation on Mother Oriented Appliances and smiled and giggled at the appropriate places. Especially Princess Buttercup’s amazingly huge burps.

    Now my brain feels uncomfortable and a bit soiled by information overload on topics I was blissfully ignorant of.

    Thank you for reaffirming my firmly held belief that I will remain single for many years to come.

    I think I’ll do something manly this afternoon. Like mow the lawn and grill some raw meat.


  4. bikermommy

    me too jack

  5. Don’t worry about nipple cream, just use your own milk. It works better and is less expensive.

    I’ve just found out about the Mustela products for cradle cap. My 4th (who’s 4 weeks now) had cradle cap so bad it was actually weeping this yellow gunk. My pedi recommended the Mustela cream and she has her beautiful newborn soft skin again after just 3 days of using it.

    We use the Playtex drop ins too. We just srtetch the Lansinoh milk storage bags over the threads on the bottle and screw the nippled top on. Works great.

  6. heh. you said nipples.

    i feel so soiled…..

  7. Breast Pump?? AAAAAH. My eyes. My eyes!!

    Seriously. These days are oh so precious. Enjoy them.