Buttercup at 8 months


Can you believe my baby girl is 8 months old? I can’t either.

10 Responses to Buttercup at 8 months

  1. AWE Such a cutie

  2. Goodness but she is a beautiful beautiful baby. :)

  3. She is a living doll! I love you Buttercup!

  4. So beautiful! I’m still smiling after gazing at her for several minutes now.

  5. Awesome happy baby!

  6. ditto ALL of the above comments :-)

  7. p.s. Love the hat!!!

  8. She is adorable. And stylish. She and Banshee Boy will rule the world.

  9. what a cutie-pie! those cheeks look sooo pinchable :)

  10. She’s just so adorable! And she looks like Frank to me in this one.