I lived in Fort Worth until I was just about to turn 27, and my opinion on seasons was this: Fall rules them all, winter is great, too, as long as I can stay inside, spring is okay but muggy and buggy, and summer is the worst thing that could ever happen to anyone anywhere.

I moved to Amarillo and found that I wasn’t really opposed to any of the seasons; even summer was tolerable, because it’s a dry heat.

Then I moved to Florida, where it is summer from March until December and fall-ish from January to February and unbearably humid all year round. In Florida, I hated pretty much everything except February. Well, I could deal with November through March, really, but after March, I just wanted to die rather than have to go outside for anything. And I did love the summer thunderstorms, as long as I was comfortably inside with the air conditioning blasting and the golf course window blinds open so I could watch the beautiful show.

And then I moved to Boise. This morning at my workout, the instructor asked our favorite season. Fall is still my hands-down favorite season, but I was thinking about it, and here in the high desert, they’re all pretty sweet. The fall temperatures are wonderful, and when it’s too cold, we get to bust out the sweatshirts and flannel PJs and warm up with hot soup and cocoa around the fire pit. Plus football and hockey start, so I really can’t think of anything wrong with that brilliant season. Winter here is also great. I grew up without snow–I can seriously remember snow actually sticking to the ground ONE time when I was growing up. The snow was gone and the snowmen were sad sacks by midday. In Boise, we get a pretty decent amount of snow and have an actual good shot at a white Christmas. But we don’t get so much snow that we’re sick of it before January ever arrives. Sure, by the time March rolls around, I’m ready for some warmer temps, but I can deal. Also, no ice storms, at least not like the Metroplex ice storms. It’s pretty grand. Spring in Boise is amazing. My whole life, I kind of nothinged spring, but here, the temperatures are perfect, everything gets so lush and green, and the flowering trees are gorgeous. And while it is a little buggier, it’s not generally muggy (this year excluded). Even summer is tolerable. This summer has been more humid than the last couple, but I know this is the outlier in the bunch, so I’m okay. In Texas, it’s hot in the shade, and in Florida, it’s hot if you’re even inside the house and near a window, but here the shade is actually… well, shady.

I never knew I could actually love all four seasons. While summer is still my least favorite, I no longer dread it or hate it. And man, fall here is everything fall should be.

We picked a great place to live.

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  1. I grew up in (and still live) in Wisconsin and the idea of NOT having all 4 seasons is weird to me. We don’t have mountains here, though (sad)… but the Great Lakes are pretty sweet, and affect the weather (as I hear mountains do). Glad you enjoy it!

  2. Isn’t it amazing that there are such different climates in one country–not to mention it appears you have experienced all of them? My dad says the change of seasons beats California weather, hands down.

    BTW I like the new blog look!

  3. hmmmm….guess I’ll be making lots of trips to Idaho to see my little buttercupage. :)

  4. I grew up in Houston so I know what you mean. We used to joke that our winter was on a Thursday every year. After I got married, I lived in Washington state for 5 years and hated the weather there. Even in August it was cold if a cloud passed over the sun. Now I live in Massachusetts, and while the politics is miserable, the weather is pretty good, esp the fall. It’s nice when it’s cool enough to leave the windows open to get fresh air in the house.

  5. I could not stand to live without 4 seasons.

    Here in North Dakota we go from extreme to extreme: 95 degrees and humid in July to -30below , lows, in January with highs of -16below. Throw in 50-70 inches of snow and tstorms and tornadoes and you have our extremes.

    But fall, oh my , the smell, the crisp mornings that turn into beautiful 55 degree days, football, NFL, etc.

    Spring, not so much. Messy , wet, muddy and floods.

    I think I would actually go bonkers living somewhere like San Diego where it is the same…all the time. blech.