It’s been a month since I last posted here. I know it looks like my blog is dead, but it’s really just in a coma. Babies will do that, I guess.

So Buttercup is 10.5 months old now. That’s crazy. I don’t know how she got to be so old without my permission. She does have a little mind of her own.

My little princess is 17 pounds, 2 ounces now, and 27.5 inches long. She crawls everywhere, cruise walks a little, stands up on everything, and sometimes forgets and lets go. Then falls promptly on her tush-tush.

She can still only sleep if she’s in her car seat or being held or sleeping next to me.

Thank God for that car seat, which at least allows me to use the bathroom now and then. I still don’t get to shower much, but that’s life.

Buttercup is an inquisitive little monkey. Seriously, she has to know how everything works, what everything sounds like, what everything tastes like. People are constantly freaking out when they see that I let her chew on my shoes, but she’s never been sick, as I’ve realized that her 2 ear infections were actually teeth coming in. She’s an aficionado of both patty-cake and peekaboo.

Bake me a cake as fast as you can!

Bake me a cake as fast as you can!

Where's Buttercup?

She has 4 teeth.

Teething makes me sad.

And high heels.

And the best disposition. Seriously, I can’t tell you how many friends and random strangers have told us that she seems like the happiest baby they’ve ever seen.

Either she was born that way, or she just really likes how her parents aren’t afraid of being extremely dorky and goofy to make her laugh (not pictured).

She tries to climb everything now. Everything. She spends most of her time with one foot on the ground and the other up in the air, trying to find something to put it on.

Her hair is starting to grow, and she’s getting teeny curls. Makes my heart all full and melty.

Anyway, she’s the best gift.


Our family.

16 Responses to Buttercupdate

  1. Awwww! You’re a mom blogger now! ;0) Don’t be ashamed. It happens.

  2. Very cute. Looks like she picked her parents well. My “Buttercup” is 22 now (years, not months). It goes by fast. Enjoy every minute of it.

  3. You all make my heart melt.

  4. She is the sweetest little thing!! Babies are the best! I have an 18 month old Grandson who is just the apple of my eye. I think buttercup is such a happy girl because she had GOOD parents who love her dearly and are very atttentive to her… my grandson is the same way, he’s a very happy boy and a joy to be around. Lucky us!!!!!

  5. * I ment has, not had…. :-)

  6. What a beautiful child! And I love your blog…still check it a couple of times a week just to see if you’ve posted…glad I checked today:) Lovely pictures.

  7. Buttercup is prolly the prettiest baby I’ve ever seen! (Except for my own grandson, of course!) :-)

  8. Awwwww! It is the cuteness!

  9. She’s adorable. Makes me want to go give my 2yr old daughter a hug, but she’s sleeping and if I did she would cry. I do question Frank’s choice in shorts though. Can he carry concealed in those? They look kind of tight.

  10. She is adorable. The pic of her with the book is the sweetest thing.

    My first was the happiest baby. People remarked on that all the time ad always asked us if she ever cried. She never really did and hubby and I almost broke our arms patting ourselves on the back about what great parents we were having such a happy baby. Then, we had our second. She didn’t stop crying for the 1st 8 mo of her life. Hubby still talks about the day he came home to no crying and thought something was wrong with the baby.
    My 3rd was even-keeled, but my 4th is a lot like her oldest sister, the happiest baby. Makes me afraid to have another and be back to the endless crying.

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  12. a sweetly satisfying post :)
    she is adorable!

  13. I wish I could think of something more original to say than ‘awwwww, she’s ADORABLE’ – but the truth is the truth :)

  14. Hi, SarahK!

    You’ve been given a brief respite courtesy of Miss Buttercup. Whose job description is to meticulously rule every waking moment of your life for the foreseeable future.

    Kind of like a Cat, only more vocal and much cuter!

    PS: Talk to Frank about the feasibility of installing a drawbridge and digging a moat around the family digs now, because Miss Buttercup is a going to be a heart breaker.

  15. She is the cutest smooshiest future Mrs. Banshee Boy.