I just did the whole comfort-baby-then-go-laugh-in-the-other-room thing. Buttercup does pretty well drinking out of a cup without a lid on it. But with recent travel and house guests and such, we hadn’t tried it in a while. So this morning, while I was making the oatmeal, I put her in her high chair and gave her half a cup of water, without the lid.

She threw it back SO fast. Got a face full of water, coughed, sputtered, cried.

It was so funny. So I hugged her and said I was sorry and then went into the kitchen and laughed silently while I finished the oatmeal.

3 Responses to oops

  1. I have to do this most often with discipline. Sometimes my boy does things that are so hysterical-and-yet-still-wrong that I just *have* to laugh

  2. She is so cute…even when she cries…that little lip curls downward. oh….

  3. Javelina Bomb

    Bad Mommy.