Our world

Well, things are happening like mad in the house of J.

Buttercup is getting really close to walking, and frankly I’m surprised she isn’t already skipping and jumping. She seems to have taken time off from learning to walk so she can hone her climbing skills. Hooray? At least we’ve found a new way to tire the baby out: she loves to climb up and down the steps to the slide at any park. So there’s that.

She still doesn’t sleep, tiredness notwithstanding. Monday night she started literally slapping herself in the face to try to stay awake while I was rocking her. Eyes half closed, and she just started wailing on herself. Hahaha. At least it saved my breasts–she’s recently taken to slapping those to keep herself awake, so I was glad for the change. But I do keep having to stop myself from saying, “Quit hitting yourself. Why are you hitting yourself? Quit hitting yourself.”

Elsewhere in our world, Frank has written a short e-book for HarperCollins (I’ve read it, and it is hilarious). It should be out in mid-November on their Broadside Books imprint. Now he’s starting to work on his second manuscript.

Monday, he wrote his first column for the New York Post. I think it was a hit. Frank J., opinion page writer. Your mind is boggled.

Yeah, so it’s been crazy around here since about 2 months ago when the whole thing with HarperCollins started.

Not a whole lot new with me. Except my hair. I do have new hair. Mostly I’m taking care of baby and proofreading Frank. And trying to papercraft in my oodles of spare time.

Oh, and Boise got a Chipotle today. Just ate it for lunch, planning on it for dinner.

5 Responses to Our world

  1. Cute hair!! I bet Cuppers will walk before Owie.

  2. Happy life! Good for you guys.

  3. I want her to wait until I am there and she can walk to her Grandma Linda. I think that is what she is waiting for too! She is so cute … I look at her picture everyday and that face makes me so happy I can hardly stand it. Oh…and congrats to my awesome son-in-law on his writing career! And to my beautiful daughter who makes it all come together!

  4. It all sounds great. I love the new length and style for your hair–chic.

  5. Hi, Sarah K:

    Is the world ready for a mobile, stealthy and clever Buttercup?

    Great looking coiffure!

    Congrats to Frank on his recent rise in the Opinion/Blog firmament.