1 year since this.

brand new

1st yell. She had to be suctioned first by the NICU team.

1st cuddle

It was 10 minutes before I got to hold my burrito baby. Well worth the wait. Yes, I'm tweeting.

daddy cuddle

Proud daddy.

Brand new family. Brand new adventure.

Brand new family. Brand new adventure.

Big girl.

Now she's my big girl.

Happy birthday, Buttercup.

p.s. Here’s the highlight reel.

8 Responses to 10/7/10

  1. Aw, happy 1st birthday, Little Miss Buttercup! You are the light of your parents’ life, I am very sure.

  2. Crazy how life goes, right? I remember back when I was in college, reading blogs as I procrastinated writing papers, and you won the IMAO T-shirt babe contest… amazing how all that could lead so something so wonderful! Buttercup is just adorable!

  3. Happy birthday, Buttercup/future wife of Banshee Boy!! You are a smushable beauty — just like your mom! Mwwaaah.

  4. Goodness, has it been a year already? How time flies. She’s going to be asking for the car keys before you know it.

  5. My how time flies.
    In other news, I love how she’s going for your glass of wine! Good girl!

  6. @Kate, yes she is!
    @Monica, thank you! Crazy how it’s all turned out, huh?
    @tracey, thank you! Mwah from Buttercup!
    @Walter, she does like to play with my keys…
    @Rachel, haha. Yeah, I don’t know whose wine glass that was (we were at a playgroup birthday party), but I did have to move it, because she was after it for sure!

  7. I’ve loved your first year Buttercup! And you have the best mommy and daddy a girl could ever wish for. Not to mention great aunts, uncles, cousins, grandpas and of course two wonderful grandmas! :)

  8. I think all babies are beautiful. WIth that said, I just have to say that Buttercup really is, and was even when she was born. Enjoy every minute and congrats on her first birthday.
    ps. She won’t remember it, and even if some memory does remain, it will not be about the invites. I can promise you that. ;)