Observant little monkey

In music class, our teacher plays the flute near the end of class, during lullaby time. Buttercup is always mesmerized by the flute. It’s the only time during class that I know she will sit still and focus on one thing. She usually crawls up in front of the teacher and sits and stares at her. At the very least, she sits in my lap and stares. We had class yesterday morning.

So last night after dinner, we were playing on her mat, rolling balls around and drumming on things. She has this little Melissa & Doug harmonica that’s black and chrome, I guess. The chrome-ish part is shiny and metal-looking, like a flute. Normally, she picks up the harmonica, tries to blow into it, doesn’t get any sound, and then hands it to me or Frank with the expectation that we can coax some sound out of it.

When we were playing last night, she picked up the little harmonica and put it up to her mouth. But she held it wrong. I was just about to reach over and show her how to hold it when I realized how she held it. Her mouth was at the very end of it, and she was blowing on it, trying to make sound. She held it very gently, with her left hand cupped under the harmonica, fingers spread out a little. Her right hand came over the top and held it near the end.

She was trying to play it like a flute.

Somewhere in her wonderful little fascinating brain, she made the connection that the harmonica is something you blow in to make music, just like the flute that teacher plays during class.

She is a most amazing little creature.

5 Responses to Observant little monkey

  1. Javelina Bomb

    Now is when you break out that Jurassic Park quote. “Clevah gurl…”

  2. She is so smart and observant. An amazing little girl with the happiest disposition. Grandma loves you Buttercup.

  3. Fantastic.

    Whenever Elder Niece does something like this, we all chime, “Enrichment!” on the expectation that she will be in the advanced learning programs offered by our school district.


  4. You need to get that baby a flute…….seriously.