Ah, but she makes it all better

I don’t feel well. It’s day 7 of my sore throat, and I feel like I was up all night, probably because I was. Buttercup’s nose got runny yesterday, and by bedtime last night she was all sneezy and snotty. Also, she’s teething molars right now, and she does not handle teething very well. So she was up quite a bit, which means I have a sleep-deprivation headache.

Combine that with last night’s idiocy at Penn State (I’m speaking of the students rioting over the firing of someone who covered up child rape, NOT the firing), and it could all make a mom a little cranky.

But I’m not.

Because my little munchkin has been entertaining me.

When she woke up from her morning nap, I drilled her on her animal sounds (that sounds a little harsh, but all I did was say, “Buttercup, what does a cow say?” etc.). She got an A+ on cow, kitty, doggie, duck, horsey, sheep, and monkey (“Ah! Ah! Ah!”).

We snuggled on the couch, me wiping her relentless nose over and over, her trying to eat toilet paper and feed me peanut butter crackers (“cack-caws”, if you ask her). Occasionally she would lay her head down on my chest for a few minutes. It’s sad but very, very sweet when my baby is sick.

Then, out of the blue, while smearing peanut butter all over her face with one hand, she raised the other arm straight in the air and said, “Daaaaaaaaahhhhh!” I raised both of my arms. “Touchdown!” She raised her one again. “Dah-daaaah!” Later, she raised them both. “Dah-daaaaah!” She kills me.

She chased various balls around the living room, all the while exclaiming, “Baw! Baw! Baw!” She stopped by to put a couple of puzzle pieces in their places (correctly), and continued her chase. “Baw! Baw!”

Then she got distracted and sat down with a book (“Boo!”) in her lap. A few minutes later, she sounded like she was whining, and I looked down to see what was up. She wasn’t whining, she was pretending to read the book.

She grabbed her stuffed lemur out of my arms, hugged him, and said, “Awwww.” This cracked me up. Because she does the hugging thing, yes, but I’m usually the one who says, “Aww, that’s so sweet.” She went ahead and awwwed for me.

And now she’s napping again, but only on and off. Now and then she wakes up and practices singing or says, “Rowie!” Then drifts off again.

She’s the most wonderful little thing.

5 Responses to Ah, but she makes it all better

  1. Hi, Sarah K:

    Hope you start to feel better. Sore throats and/or Glandular Fever are the worst.

    Kudos to your little Munchkin for helping her Mom tough it out. You may want Frank to pick up Vick’s Vapo-Rub for Buttercup’s runny nose. Some Zwieback biscuits for her teething and some tea and honey for you.

  2. I miss having toddler daughters. This rates an “awwww”.
    Both of you get better, soon!

  3. That baby is so lovable. And definitely adorable. And cuddly…so cuddly. I miss her and her mommy and daddy so much. Glad she is taking good care of her mom. :)

  4. She is talking great! I’m just a little jealous….Owen talks constantly, but it’s in Russian, and sadly I don’t speak Russian. He’s awwwwwwfully cute when he pooches out those lips and says everything with a zssszh sound….”zschuzzsch” [cheese]