This is happening…

Frank’s ebook, Obama: The Greatest President in the History of Everything, dropped (yo) on Tuesday. On Wednesday, he busted into the top 100 paid Kindle books on Amazon and the top 500 on Barnes & Noble. We’re still kind of reeling from that. We were thinking it’d be great to hit the top 1000 on Amazon, and there he goes, right to the top 100. It’s been an amazing couple of days.

So. It’s been an insane week, and whew, are we glad he took the week off from his day job.

Radio. Well, he was on the Jay Thomas show Tuesday, Central Wisconsin Morning News Wednesday. Today he’s on with Michael Medved, scheduled for an entire hour from 2-3 MST. Saturday he’ll be on with Bruce Lefavi, his uncle who has a syndicated radio show. Then he has more interviews next week and the week after. Crazy.

Of course, we have no idea what it all means. We have no idea if top 100 on Amazon means we’ve sold 100 copies or thousands. Or millions. Kidding, kidding. But seriously, we are completely clueless on how this translates to book sales. It doesn’t matter. I’m just so proud of him. He’s worked so hard for so many years, writing IMAO day after day, cranking out column after column… And then this summer his writing career cranked up in a big way.

So if you haven’t bought his book, I hear it’s hilarious. No, wait, I know it is. I’ve read it and am currently reading it again.

4 Responses to This is happening…

  1. Just bought it. Can’t wait to read it. Frank’s humor never disappoints.

  2. Bought Frank’s book yesterday after Glenn Reynolds said he is smacking that Maher fellow around with his numbers. My husband has been chuckling away ever since and I’m guessing it’s because he’s reading the book. What a ride you two are on….keep going.

  3. I should have said….what a ride you three are on…sorry.

  4. Son bought Frank’s book, and as soon as he’s done with it I’ll borrow it!