Okay, babe

Oh, my husband. We’ve been together for seven and a half years, and we’ve called each other a number of things. There are the unisex nicknames that we call each other: Sweetie, Monkeyface, Bad Sweetie, etc. Then there are his names for me: Sweet-Sweet, Huggy Boodle (my least favorite), Sweetie Peetie, Princess, Huggy Snuggy, etc. I mostly call him Bad Sweetie, so I don’t have as many names for him.

So yesterday he was about to leave to go back to work after lunch, and I told him I’d see him later.

“Okay, Babe.”

That got my attention. My gut reaction was to immediately make fun of him. “Babe?” I smiled a little incredulously.

“Yeah. Babe.” He could barely keep from smiling himself, but he tried to play it cool and serious, like, “Hey, Babe, I’m the man. I am masculine and aloof, and I now call you ‘Babe’.”

Not that he’s ever had any problems with low testosterone levels or anything like that — he’s definitely the man of the house. All kinds of masculine up in here. But still. He was over-aloofing things, and it was soooo cute. Possibly sexy. Definitely sexy.

“Okay… If you say so.”

Tonight I was laughing about it atwith him, and he told me where this Babe phenomenon came from.

It turns out that Devon on Chuck calls Ellie “Babe”, and that’s why I have gained a new nickname.

I have a feeling he thinks I’m going to start calling him Captain Awesome.

2 Responses to Okay, babe

  1. Hi, Sarah K:

    It sounds like Frank is trying to be cool by thinking that he’s cool.

    Next thing you know. Frank may start wearing bow ties and a fez, because a nine hundred year old Sci-Fi icon with a British accent thinks these things are cool.


  2. y’all have been together 7 1/2 years? That mean, crikey, I’ve been reading this blog over 8 years as I remember reading here about your and his first IRL meeting.