I know, if I want to just tell you what I’m eating, why not just say it on Twitter? (amiright? high five!)

But I’m telling you, it’s a revelation of a sandwich.

Fresh basil
Goat cheese
Fresh-baked french bread (made with coconut oil, which makes an amazing flavor difference)
Sriracha, as needed

You try it and tell me it wasn’t blogworthy.

4 Responses to sandwich

  1. I can’t even try to tell you what that is. I just now learned what parsnips are…and I’ve heard that word my whole life!

  2. Mom, which part do you not know?

    Also, parsnips? Yum.

  3. The honey and Sriracha is genius. I must eat this sandwich :)

  4. I … cannot believe how hungry I am after reading this. I think ‘French coconut bread’ just sooounds enticing, haven’t tried that one yet!