whadaya think of that

I think yesterday was my blogiversary. That makes 8 years! My favorite things blogging has brought me: a husband (and hence a baby), wonderful friends, and sweet, sweet cash.

Thanks for sticking around, even though I’m spotty with posting. All 50 of you. Unless that’s just you, Mom. But thanks even if it is just you, Mom.

8 Responses to whadaya think of that

  1. Been reading you off and on since before g-mail and Frank. You even gave me my invite to gmail back when you needed a invite.

  2. And me! I’m here! Don’t forget me! The aunt of Buttercup’s betrothed.

  3. Well, you were included in “wonderful friends”, but yes, I should also say “future family”. Except you’re kind of already family, so…

  4. Well, i’m sure my IP shows up and I don’t want you to think I am some sort of crazy stalker so I am delurking. I’m Cissy, in NC. I think I found you through Writersblock, and I just kind of stuck around. Your Buttercup is adorable, by the way and I hope you don’t mind me reading. Crawling back under my rock now. :)

  5. March 1st is my 8 year blogiversary. Craziness. :)
    Glad I found your blog all those years ago – it’s been fun keeping up with you!

  6. Happy Blogiversary, sarahk!

  7. happy blogiversary (if a bit late). Nice to have you around.

  8. happy belated blogiversary!