baby book day

Today seems to be a whole day for the baby book. Buttercup and I are both sick, but she’s still my hilarious, happy girl, with far too much energy for a sick baby with a sick mama. We watched The Sound of Music all morning, because she loves the music from it, so I thought it would be nice to show her where it came from. It was fun to watch her watch the movie. We don’t let her watch much TV (and never cartoons), so this was a treat for us. She still played with her toys (our living room is basically set up as her playroom, with toy bins and a big foam play mat) while the movie was on, but during songs, she would look up at the screen and watch. When Maria twirled, Buttercup twirled. When Maria ran through the hills, Buttercup yelled, “Go go go!” When she heard the songs she knows, she sang bits and pieces. My favorite is “Do Re Mi”, because when we get to “mi”, Buttercup points at herself and says, “Me!” (on key). And during “So Long, Farewell”, Buttercup sings, “Cuckoo! Cuckoo!”

During a break from the movie, I folded a basket of baby laundry that’s been sitting in my bedroom for a few days. Buttercup “helped” until she came across a mattress pad for her bed. It’s white and fluffy, so naturally, she wanted me to put it around her shoulders like a shawl. And then… she said, “Muh!” I didn’t know what that meant until she walked over to my closet mirror and said, “Preee!” Yep, she already has a word for “mirror” and thinks she’s pretty. I have no idea where she got that.

After she bored of being pretty, she noticed two baby books on my floor. It’s starting to sound like my bedroom floor is a dumping ground for lots of things, isn’t it? Hmm. She brought me a book called Hush, Little Baby. She said, “Huh,” and handed it to me and turned the pages while I read it to her. Then she handed me Goodnight Moon and said, “Nigh-nigh.” I was amazed! She’s learning the names of the books we read her. Probably because we read to her a lot, and Frank always reads the title page to her, including author name.

When we were getting ready for lunch, Buttercup sat on the kitchen floor and entertained herself. Eventually she stood up, and I thought she would run off to find a new toy. Instead she held her hand out to me. “Dere go!” This means “there you go”, so I knew she wanted to give me something. Indeed she did. She was giving me an ant she found marching around the floor. I guess spring is on the way.

I’m going a little stir crazy being stuck inside all day, but I could have worse company.

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  1. Juanitocabrone

    Make sure you read some of the Little Golden Books (the really old ones, from the 40s & 50s) so that you can get Buttercup to same the names of the illustrators – like Gustaf Tengrren, or Tibor Gergely.

  2. Sounds like a very entertaining child!

  3. She definitely is.

  4. I love every single post you share on this adorable child. I miss her so much!!! And her mama and daddy too!