we’re still here

We’ve just been insanely busy and not sleeping because of teething and stuff.

4 Responses to we’re still here

  1. Hi, Sarah K:

    Four things you will need.

    Zwieback biscuits.
    Water to soften them a little

    Dilute brandy with water.
    Dip Q-Tip and apply mixture to Buttercup’s gums
    Soften a Zwieback biscuit with water
    Let Buttercup Nom to her heart’s content

    Just a thought.

  2. Still checking to be sure. Glad to know.

  3. Good deal! I was beginning to wonder…..miss your posts but hope the teething thing is over soon.

  4. I hope all of Frank’s and your new teeth come in soon. Try not to wake Buttercup by complaining too loudly. =P