big girl

My little Buttercup is getting so big. She’s 19 months old now and does the following:

*Sings entire songs on key. Her toddler songs, her Bible class songs, the lullabies I sing her at night. She is really good at the ABCs, Twinkle Twinkle, Brahm’s Lullaby, Moon Moon Moon, The B-I-B-L-E, and Ally Bally. She has the sweetest little voice.

*Counts to 10, though she often skips 4 and 5.

*Knows most of her colors – wed, yewwow, bwown, peek, geen, bue, gay, aw-en (orange), pupple, and white.

*Speaks in sentences. That’s a new one this week. Today when Frank left for work, she fussed a little, and when he walked out the door, she said, “I no want Daddy go.” She recently learned “I no want to”, and now she says “I no want _____.” Hooray. She also says things like “All done nuh-see [nursing]” and “All gone no-mee [oatmeal]“. “I Mommy’s water” [I have Mommy's water], “Daddy’s shoes!”, “Mommy, medewede cracker, please?” [Mommy, may I have a cracker, please?], and “Daddy pee-pee ah poddy?” are current faves. Also, “Hat on!” and “Shoes on!” which sound like “hadon!” and “shooson!”

*Constantly cracks us up. I give Buttercup countdowns to nap time. “Buttercup, you have ten minutes till nappy time.” “Five minutes till nappy time.” Two minutes, one minute, you get the picture. So today, I said, “Buttercup, you have two minutes till nappy time.” Then “Buttercup, you have one minute till nappy time.” And she looked at me and said, “Two minutes.” Hahahahahaha. I didn’t even know she could say “minutes”. But she says pretty much all the words, tries to repeat everything you say. Shows you things and either says, “Es dat?” or identifies them and nods her head confidently, looking for your agreement that she has identified them correctly.

*Loves spicy food and anything pickled. She gets that from me.

*Makes me smile.

18 months

10 Responses to big girl

  1. Well, the post made me smile.

    Aren’t kids wonderful?

  2. I love everything about that child and her mother….I need to see you both!

  3. Love reading these :) Y’all are so blessed!

  4. We really are blessed!

  5. smart and sweet….great combo!

  6. Sweet Buttercup! You can add: puts a smile on the face of pretty much everyone who sees her.

  7. AWE Buttercup is growing up so fast

  8. Awwwe! what a great looking mommy and daughter :)

  9. What up, Sarahk?? You two are sure the cutest.

    And, you know, “gay” is my favorite color. ;-)

  10. I’m so happy for you and Frank. I think you two are wonderful people and I am glad that God blessed you with such a lovely young lady.