the ball song

ME: I’ll sing two more songs, and then you go night-night. Which song would you like?
HER: The ball song.
ME: The ball song?
HER: Okay.
ME: I don’t know the ball song. How does it go?
HER: Ball ball ball ball…
ME: Okay.

So I had to make it up, you see. I call it “The Ball Song.”

I had a red ball
It was very tall
I gave it a call
And it said, “Hey, y’all!”
I had a red ball
I had a red ball
I had a red ball
And it said, “Hey, y’all!”

Repeat with every other color (taking requests). The ball can be tall or small and can say, “Hey, y’all!” or “Don’t fall!” or “Don’t crawl!”, etc., etc.

2 Responses to the ball song

  1. Who is cuter? BC or SK? It’s a toss up.

  2. You get your song writing ability from your mother.