volume III

self, i’m not sure how to say this. you’re kind of not smart sometimes. you have your t-mobile phone set up to text message you whenever you get an email so you know when it needs to be checked. this is good, efficient, quite handy. perhaps, though, you should disable that feature now and then. here’s an example of when to disable it: you realize that you have about 100 emails sitting in your “sent mail” folder on the mail server and you want to transfer them to your inbox so you will receive them in Outlook and be able to archive them. good idea if used appropriately. one thing to think about — when you transfer these to your inbox, you are going to receive 100 text messages on your phone. all at once. and said text messages will bog down your phone so much that you can’t hit that little “back” button and turn the sound off. which means that you are going to sit on your phone all morning so your client doesn’t hear those pretty little chimes in cadence over and over and over and over and over …..

while we’re on the subject, self, you should probably think about adding a text messaging plan to your phone. let’s see. 192 text messages at $.05 a pop … carry the one … $9.60. yeah i’m thinking the 300 messages for $2.99 might be a good thing to consider.

hey self, you only half-heartedly try to keep the kitty cat away from the water when you’re taking an epsom salt bath. i would suggest trying a little harder. see, i’m reading on the package here, and it says that taken internally, epsom salts work the same as milk of magnesia. i’m thinking that can’t be good for your litter control problem. i’m just sayin’.

love ya, self. go stars.

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