volume VIII

hey, self. just a quick note or two, since you sometimes need written rules to keep you in line.

1. self, you are not allowed to go shopping while doped up on vicodin. in case you’re not sure what i mean, i’ll repeat: shopping within 3 hours of taking pain meds is forbidden. first off, you have trouble staying awake and on your feet after taking your meds, which makes you hazardous with a shopping cart. second, you have no control over your DVD purchases when you’re loopy. i thought you learned your lesson after you went to rent 2 movies and came home with 2 rentals and 6 purchases last saturday. but self, you apparently forget stuff like that when doped.

ok, so i guess i only had one note for you tonight, self. don’t worry, when you’re not exhausted and loopy, there will be another volume. i’m sure i have much to say to you.

good day, ma’am.
go stars.

2 Responses to volume VIII

  1. what dvd purchase are you trying to blame on vicodin?

  2. in the past week i’ve bought 11. thankfully, most of them were $10 or less.