volume IX

hey there, self! i know i’ve been remiss in noting you of late, but it’s only because i don’t love you anymore. what? oh, just kidding! LOL. SarahK, you are sooooo weird. tell me something i don’t know. um, you don’t know where you’re moving to; i could tell you, but then i’d have to kill you. and since i now know you’re a psycho (see picture at left), i believe you. my head is spinning now; you’re soooo confusing me. ok, i’ll stop. thank you. what a freak we are. anyway, i have some pointers for you…

1. dear self, always unplug the vacuum cleaner when you’re done using it.

2. self, remember when we had the talk about sticking your fingers in your eyes after using Ben-Gay? the same applies when eating jalapenos. k?

3. self, in order to pay rent, you must get a job. just a clue for you.

4. hmm. you know, self, your ALIAS calendar hanging on your wall says that you have only three more days of Michael Vartan. i suggest tearing off the dates part of the page so you can look at him yet another month; otherwise, it’s Ron Rifkin, and no offense to RR, but Sloane’s crazy-evil. and MV is sooooo hot.

i would say “go stars”, but alas! our devotion and will for them to win was not enough. wah. go mavs.

14 Responses to volume IX

  1. cool shiv, but why do you look like you are trying to fit in a box? :P

    My personal favorite is a Khukri, the traditional blade of the Gurkhas in Nepal.

    Your dialogue with yourself reminds me of the scene from The Legend of 1900 where Jellyroll Morton is explaining why he’s boarding a cruise ship. Another great movie.

  2. well, typepad only gives me a tiny little box to put my picture in, so naturally, i had to try to fit into it! :P

    yet another flick i’ve not heard of. you must be decades older than me or something. ;)

    i have lots of conversations with myself. since i’m a goofy psycho klutz, i have no choice.

  3. Oh yes… decades… centuries maybe, depending on the day. :P One of my best friends, who happens to only be a few months younger than me, never fails to remind my that I am older than dirt. He also makes me laugh tho, so I’ve promised to kill him last.

    I have a knack for finding great movies that nobody has heard of.

    Legend is a hard movie to find as a rental. It’s English speaking but is actually an Italian film. Tim Roth stars, and he is excellent as always. Incredible music in this one as well, although a completely different genre than Cold Mountain. If you get a chance to see it, jump at it!

    As you may have guessed, I have a pretty eclectic movie collection, and really enjoy referencing movies. I should really start my own blog at some point so that I can post things like my personal favorites in regards to movies, actors, movie lines, etc…

    One of the bonuses of the bachelor life… I was able to invest highly in my entertainment system guilt-free! :D

    My conversations with myself generally take place in the car. But I’m not a GPK (goofy psycho klutz), I’m more of a recovering NSIC (no stereo in car).

  4. i figured as much (about your age). yeah, Sandy does the same to me; just because i turn the age first, if i say something like “i can’t believe we’re 27″ she’ll say, “i’m not yet,” though i guess she is now.

    i used to get the “huh?” any time i mentioned a movie, but lately i haven’t even seen them.

    i’m white, so i don’t jump so well; but if i get a chance to see it, i’ll hop a little. how’s that?

    i agree, you should blog.

    yeah, it sure is nice to get to spend money on the things we like and feel little or no guilt about it; that’s a relatively new thing for me, and it totally rocks.

    my conversations with myself take place everywhere; i myself am a recovered NSIC, but my conversations with myself predate my birth, i’m sure. i probably even hummed and whispered in the womb.

  5. Um, hey, I was just kidding… I’m only 34! :P Just sometimes I feel a lot older. That and most people I correspond with think I’m an old fogey half the time. When I was 20 I felt like I was oh, maybe closer to 2000.

    Lately I’ve been feeling younger, although I’m not sure why.

    Maybe it’s all the good clean livin! ;)

    heheh…yeah, that one even made me laugh.

    Whispers from the Womb… great name for a Punk Band! :P

  6. oh, and p.s.

    jump, hop, whatever floats your boat.

    Just, if you are really going to hop, I think you ought to be wearing a fluffy pink bunny suit.

    It’s only right.

  7. only 34? only?? that sounds pretty ancient to me! :D i’ve been accused in my life of being an old fogey because i like bluegrass and showtunes (among many other genres)and refuse to dress immodestly (no belly, cleavage, thighs, etc.). oh well.

    hmm, i think i’ll copyright that punk band name real quick.

    i’ve actually worn a pink bunny suit before… get your mind out of the gutter. i played Little Rabbit Fufu in the 3rd grade.

  8. oh no. i’m going to be humming that silly song all afternoon now. thanks a lot. ;)

  9. You shouldn’t make fun of my age on the internet! You should appreciate how easy you have things these days little missy!

    Why, back in my day, we had to use a handcrank to make the internet work, and the handcranks were squeaky because all the oil was going to the war effort! That’s how the word “mouse” was invented. Now everyone thinks it refers to the cute little mini-rat, or one of dem dere new-fangled point-and-click thingies plugged into their computer boxes. You younguns have lost all track of history I tell ya.

    Hmmm… I don’t know what kind of perv you think I am… pink bunny suits don’t turn me on! That’s just cute and cuddly, and real men like me are not about cute and cuddly! ;p

    Yay showtunes! ahem, er, I mean, ummm… I’m not about cute and cuddly!!!

  10. jeffrey, you’re so welcome.

    krakatoa, um, you started it! and when you get your own blog, you can make fun of me all you want. we can have insult wars of the blogosphere.

    LOL, yer funny. i don’t even have one of dem dere pointy-clicky thing. i do everything w/ the Alt key. well, i might have a touchpad thingy too.

    funny, i wasn’t thinking cute & cuddly, i was thinking vixen like Reese Witherspoon in her bunny suit in Legally Blonde.

    i had you pegged as a showtunes-er. ha.

  11. Hey you! It’s great to put a “face” to the posts. You are gorgeous.

    My husband is very curious as to what TIF means…please enlighten us!

  12. oh donna, you just might be my favorite reader!! gorgeous, huh? thanks, takes one to know one!! and i assume you mean TMI? too much information! (especially about the virus!) ;)

    krakatoa, i’m a hardcore alt-keyer. i don’t understand people who don’t use any and every keyboard shortcut available. i don’t blame your dad for disowning you for that, but he sure sold out easily! :P but don’t tell him i said that, not that he would have a clue who i am. have a safe trip (unless you literally mean you’re gonna hit the road, in which case i’ll say, ouch. better you than me.). i hope you’re able to remember where you’re going, since you’re senile & all. ;)

  13. Thanks for letting me know what that meant Sarah! I will pass it on to Brian, hehe.

  14. It was a safe trip. My relatives in Pa weren’t in, so I bypassed them and drove on thru to good ol’ Southwest Va.

    Oh how I love these mountains in the moonlight.

    And NYAAAHH on you, I didn’t get lost once. So THERE!

    It was twice. But luckily a nice boyscout showed me the right way to read my map. (Who knew that maps wouldn’t work if they were held upside down??? Someone oughta put a compass type thing on maps so you know which way is north and… oh… nevermind :P)

    Hey! Are you calling my dad cheap??? Why I oughta…

    So what… it’d take the tv to get your respect back? ;)