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ok, i feel like i haven’t blogged in AGES (have y’all missed me? i’ve missed you!). sure, there was that boring little speech i made, but that was written at my mom’s house and then transferred to Typepad in a superfast visit to a Kinko’s hot spot (have i ever mentioned that i LOVE T-Mobile?), so all i had time to do was post it and answer one or two comments…

anyway, this has been a busy week, and i’m exhausted. i’ve pinpointed the ONE reason i’m so tired… no afternoon naps!! can you believe it?? when i left the job at the end of March, one of the first ever habits i instituted was the mid-afternoon nap, and i haven’t had a nap since like Saturday, and i only had that one because i felt, at the time, as if my head were in a vise (2nd worse headache i can ever remember having, thanks Texas weather)… anyway, i’m seeeeepy. since it’s 2:15 a.m., one would think that i would go to bed, but nope. i’m a moron sometimes.

random bits i’ve been collecting…

Monday i spent the day cleaning, shopping for something nice to wear to my interviews, taking care of the little neice, etc. by the time i actually got to leave for Ama-stinkin-rillo, it was 8:30 and i was beat down. got to amarillo at 2:30 a.m., went to bed at 3:30 (Bikermommy was waiting up), got up at 7 so i could leave by 9 for my 11:30 interview in Lubbock. note to self: oh wait, i have volumes of those, i’ll save it for later.

interNOT… argh! i’ve been in the internet black hole since i left home monday night; not sure how i would have survived the panic attacks if i didn’t have my phone from which to check email… finally i decided i would have to use the cell phone to get the internet while in this internet-forsaken house. however, my laptop has everything but an infrared port, bluetooth, and i think a serial port, and my phone will connect with infrared or BT. went to 3 different stores here today to find either a USB BT adapter or infrared (finally got the bluetooth)…

onetooth twotooth redtooth bluetooth… speaking of that, Bikermommy came over to Best Buy, and i told her what i was looking for; i explained what infrared is, then what bluetooth is. every few minutes (at each store), she would ask me what i was looking for. “what is it called?” “bluetooth.” “and what’s the other one called? redtooth?” i love my mommy.

yay me!! so i interviewed tuesday at an accounting firm in Lubbock and wednesday in a firm in Amarillo. they both say they want to offer me a job, but neither has given me a dollar figure. looks like i’ll be moving soon, and not just to the streets of Fort Worth.

hey, speaking of that… i need serious amounts of help packing and organizing and getting ready to move. any takers? i’ll provide pizza or something, and of course i ALWAYS have that life-sustaining beverage, Coca-Cola. it’s just so much trying to have mediations & hearings, get organized and packed all at the same time, especially when i need my naps!

permalove… wow, Frank J linked me on his sidebar (thank you much, i’m SO not worthy!). just felt the need to share that. say, speaking of fan mail…

he knew me when… so i got some fan mail last night from an IMAO reader; he told me some reasons why he thinks i’m great, one of which being that i’m from north Texas… i recognized his name and thought, “hmm. i went to college with someone by that name.” i totally weirded him out when i asked if he went to my school. “creepy”, he called it, and asked how in the world i knew that. “because in my less hot and less single days, we hung out in the same circles.” i spouted off some reminders for him and got the following response… “weird. weird. weird. weird. weird.” and then more after that. anyway, it was great hearing from him, so now we get to play catch up. small world, IMAO.

ok, i’m going to sleep, then answer a backlog of email before finding me a house.

11 Responses to lotsa stuff

  1. A tiny bit of advice, take it for what it’s worth.

    Your speech was just fine. Be happy with what you write. Assume that whatever you write is however you felt at the time. No need to apologize later. If you truly capture the moment that exists in your mind, that’s all you should aspire to.

  2. Woohoo…congrats on the excellent interviews.

    You know, on the migraines, botox (dirty word I know) has actually been effective in lessening the frequency and severity of migraines.

    I’d love to help you pack, but I’m in Virginia see, and I’m still waiting on word back on some jobs from companies that might say “we need you yesterday”. Kinda puts a crimp in my free time just a bit.

    But then, you probly wouldn’t want someone of my advanced years lifting all those heavy boxes of shoes. :P

    I can picture the scene now: Me writhing on the ground with an impacted fingernail or ruptured earlobe and you’d be all like, Criminy! I have a job to get to, and I know this old geezer will try to sue me for all my IMAO goodies.. I think I’ll just put him out of my, er, his misery and bury him out back!.

    Besides, ye hardly know me. ;)

  3. Speaking as someone who moved away from the wonderful Ft Worth to live in (of all places) Mississippi and Oklahoma…

    What are you thinking? Lubbock? There’s not even a song about Lubbock!

    But congratulations on the jobs anyway. I hope there’s a big “entertainment bonus” for the Netflix subscription you’re going to need.

  4. david, thanks for the advice… sorry, i should have winked after i said the thing about it being boring; i actually thought it was pretty funny. i do know i’m hilarious. ;)

    thanks, krakatoa; yes, it’s true, i would hate for you to break a hip. :P (i’m not worried about not knowing ye, i’m sure i could take you in an unfair fight.)

    al (hey!), i would agree about lubbock; what i noticed about it (besides the NO TRAFFIC thing, wow) was that it was very brown. if i have to live there, i can always write a song about it…

    if i had only one place to choose from,
    and all the others were full,
    i’d cry my pretty eyes out and feel bummed,
    ’cause lubbock would not be so cool…
    i mean, sure they have coach bob knight
    (don’t you dare call him bobby…)
    but how could life ever be right
    when the cineplex is too small for a lobby?
    oh, lubbock, lubbock, brown barren lubbock,
    i’ll go to you if i have to…
    oh, lubbock, lubbock, traffic-free lubbock,
    i’ll go to you if i must do…

    there you go.

  5. sarah, somehow i doubt you’d endear yourself to fellow lubbockians (or whatever they call themselves) with that song. it was hilarious though.

  6. Too bad you haven’t found something here is Arizona. We were just up at the Canyon and I can’t wait to go back. There are no words amazing enought to describe it. I too think it would be cool to live down in the canyon, it’s almost like another planet. (And there are already great songs written about Arizona, although your Lubbock song rocks!).

  7. hey, sarahk, i’m a new lurker, headed here from IMAO.
    i’ve bookmarked your site and will be checking in pretty much daily!
    congrats on winning the contest, and good luck with the moving
    and the migraines and the job hunt … i can relate, TOTALLY.
    hubby and i are in the middle of moving, he gets migraines and i
    get sinus headaches, and we just did the job-hunt-thing last year.
    be prayin’ for ya!

  8. The song really needs to be set to a tune. What is the tune? I’m trying some but the meter is wrong. Did you have one in mind?

  9. lol @ your ode to lubbuck!

  10. I think the song’s great and I’m a huge Texas homer. But I also think that, far from endearing yourself, you might not even be allowed to live there now. Fortunately for you, I don’t think the internet has caught on there yet. Last I heard, it was all morse code or nothing.

  11. jeffrey, thank you, but i’m hoping to drive them all away. :D

    jonag, after i read your comment i started getting really sad. :( i’ve looked in arizona (would LOVE to live in northern arizona), and there are plenty of accounting jobs in phoenix, but it’s at least as humid as ft. worth, and i’m ready for a drier climate unless it’s in the mountains. plus, there’d be all those Dawgs fans, and i’m not sure i could take that. ;) i would really love flagstaff or albuquerque, but there are ZERO jobs in flag and not much in new mexico either. oh well, at least amarillo (btw, i got the job here) is only 1 day’s drive to the Canyon instead of 2 (yay!!!! it’s all about the Canyon!!!!) and so close to mountains! (and thanks, i wrote the song more as a country tune, but i’ll accept that it rocks). :D oh, i want to go hiking!!!

    AimeeJ, thanks for coming over from IMAO; i hope you enjoy it here! and thanks for everything else, especially the prayers!

    Mahatma, i did have one in mind, it’s a folksy-country tune. the meter is just fine, thank you, you have to stretch out certain words and pause at appropriate moments.

    thanks, krakatoa!

    Al, i’m not sure that’s a bad thing (not being allowed in), and LOL, i think it was pre-morse.