volume XI

hey, self. not much time to talk, so here are some quick jots for you…

1. never move again.
2. if you do move, hire someone to pack your stuff, or you should enter the military; i hear they have folks pack and move you.
3. try to schedule hacking coughs and chest infections during your chorale hiatus.
4. chest infections are bad for solos, but you’re good at faking it; the director didn’t seem to notice. yay self!
5. it’s cold in here; please turn the temperature back up.
6. i love ice cream.
7. and jalapenos.
8. they should make jalapeno flavored ice cream.
9. it’s texas, people would buy it here; after all, they buy jalapeno jelly and peanut brittle. how ’bout it, Ben & Jerry, you mean hippies?
10. rumor has it you tend to flip out a lot; stop that.
11. the hornets’ nest in your storage room is really holding up the packing thing. please do something about it.
12. and since all your hiking gear is in there, be sure to check your tent before you lie in it; and it’s good you have several first-aid kits, Little Miss Overprepared.
13. is it really necessary to have that many hot guy pics on the wall? do you know how sore my thumbs are from taking the tacks down?
14. say, speaking of that, remember that trick we learned on CSI about covering nail holes with toothpaste? don’t forget that, we need the deposit back.
15. um, everyone’s coming over to pack the truck tomorrow night. since we’re not moving until Sunday, where are we intending to sleep tomorrow night and Saturday night?
16. don’t forget the kitties.
17. the shape the apartment’s in right now… never speak of it again and block it from your memory.
18. don’t forget. get Juan back for that evil trick he pulled. he must suffer.

that’s all for now. i never thought i’d be saying this before the end of May, but … Go … Rangers? yeah. Go Rangers.

One Response to volume XI

  1. note to sarahk,

    just because you like something and you like ice cream doesn’t necessarily mean the something should be an ice cream flavor.

    even if 5 million texans would buy it. :D