• Hi. I’m SarahK.
  • I’m married to Frank J.
  • We have two cats (Minerva and Sydney) and a dog (Rowdi), all named after pop culture characters or items. Minerva is named after Professor McGonagall in the Harry Potter books, Sydney’s namesake is Sydney Bristow in ALIAS (my all-time favorite TV show), and Rowdi is named after the stuffed dog in Scrubs.
  • We have a baby on the way. Princess Buttercup Fleming is due in October. She kicks me a lot.
  • I am late almost everywhere I go. Sorry if this affects you.
  • I am hilarious. No, really. I am. If you don’t know it yet, stick around. You’ll find out.
  • I have been tested for lots of diseases and conditions in the last few years. Here’s what we now know:
  • I am severely allergic to dust mites, horses, cats, dogs, and a few weeds. And allergists will tell you that you should ask your neuro for “a Zoloft-like medicine” five minutes after you’ve told them that Zoloft is evil. This is because allergists are doctors (in general, not a compliment when I say it).
  • Nerve conduction studies hurt like the DICKENS, no matter how many times the conducting neuro apologizes for “torturing you”! On a related note, I do not have carpal tunnel syndrome. My wrists start hurting when I gain a bunch of weight really fast and stop hurting when I lose weight. I wear a wrist brace at night when my wrist acts up, and that helps a lot.
  • I have a brain tumor. Don’t worry, it’ll only be bad for me if it grows above 1cm (it’s in my pituitary). It’s very small right now, and they only found it looking for the cause of my migraines. The migraines were chronic (pretty much constant for 3 years) and caused by gluten intolerance.
  • My growth hormone counts were really low a few years ago. So low (107) that a really bad endocrinologist (Nikhita Dhruv) ran only one stimulus test (ACTH) to see if that was the problem, and when the results said my adrenal glands were fine she put me on growth hormone injections without even running a full hormone panel and told me the deficiency was “probably because of the tumor”. I was very happy for the hormones, because when I asked her what the injections were for, she said, “They will increase muscle and reduce fat.” I studied anything on it I could find (since she wasn’t talking — why do doctors do that? just to make us dislike them?), which is not very much — but I was still happy because a few studies showed that deficient people who received the injections improved in overall health; overall health improvement, you say? As to the doctor, I think she just wanted to put me in the Eli Lilly study. I was on those injections for six months, and after she missed an appointment with me (yes, I showed up, she didn’t), I finally went to my new endo. I’d been off the injections for a month when I finally got in to see him. He checked my growth hormone (167) and said it was on the low end but still within normal range, and he was shocked that she had only run the one test, because he ran the entire panel first thing. He said you have to be really careful with HGH because of annoying little side effects like, oh, diabetes. I don’t have an endocrinologist since we moved to Idaho; my regular doc deals with my thyroid, which is now doing beautifully.
  • I don’t mind MRIs so much anymore (I’ve had what, three, now?). I don’t particularly care for the ones with contrast, because that fluid running into your arm for half an hour is not a big pile of fun, and the way they pop the needle out after starting the IV? Also not fun. But as long as they give me warm blankies and music and come back with negative results, whatever.
  • Test results have shown I don’t have Lyme disease, Lupus, or MS.
  • I ran out of a rheumatologist appointment crying because the doc wasn’t taking me seriously. He still billed me the copay, of course. Yes, I fired him. I’ve fired lots of doctors.
  • I told a gastroenterologist that I’m not dumb and he didn’t need to talk down to me; this was followed by his running out of the appointment and slamming the door. They’re such big babies when you don’t let them treat you like you’re stupid. I fired the same doctor over the phone when I received test results. When I told his office that I would set up my colonoscopy with a different doctor, they sent me a letter telling me they were firing me as a patient. “You can’t fire me. Uh… I’m firing you first.” Whatever, dude.
  • An EEG showed that I do have epilepsy [OR SO WE THOUGHT]. Partial seizures. I don’t have convulsions or pass out; I have burning in my ears or toes, tingles in various parts of my body (including my hoo-hah, and no, not just during sex, I’m pretty sure I would have picked up on that — these are not the good kind of hoo-hah tingles), sometimes electric pops in my thighs (those are more fun than a barrel of monkeys, lemme tell ya), electric pulses in my face and tongue (ever lick both terminals of a 9-volt battery at the same time when you were a kid? that.). Accompanied by much moodiness and sleepiness. My theory: vitamin deficiency caused it. UPDATE: And yes, it turns out I was right about the vitamin deficiency. My neuro in Florida wasn’t an epileptologist, but the one I saw when I got to Idaho is. He did his own EEG, read the results from my Florida EEG, and came up with a different conclusion–I don’t have epilepsy. I do have slowing in my left temporal lobe, possibly from an undiagnosed stroke, but no epilepsy. My B-12 was at the way-low end, so he ran tests to see if I have functionally-low B-12. I don’t, but when I take B vitamins regularly, I hardly ever have the tingles or burning.
  • My bloodwork and biopsy for celiac disease were negative, but I have severe gluten intolerance. You might even call me a gluten bigot. Yes, I own it, call the ACLU so I can hang up on them and laugh. While you’re at it, tell them I don’t like doctors as a people. I like very few of those. However, I love my main doc in Idaho (Dr. Superfantastico) and my OBGYN.
  • I’ve been off gluten for more than three years and will never eat it on purpose again. I’m full of energy, I feel good–I’m a whole new person since I stopped poisoning myself. I was also lactose intolerant for a long while, but ever since I got pregnant I can tolerate dairy products very well. I’m hoping that’s a permanent change. I’m also egg intolerant but I can handle eggs in small amounts. Very small. I’m a little sensitive to corn, too.
  • We lived in Florida when we first got married. I did not like living there, mainly because of the humidity — unless you are sitting on the beach staring at the ocean, you feel like your skin is trying to suffocate you. We moved to Idaho almost three years ago and never want to leave. Truth be told, though, I miss Florida. I miss Disney and the KSC and the shuttle launches and our church there and our friends. I really miss not being able to go to Disney for a few hours and then go back home if it gets too hot. We love Idaho. We have family here, it’s in the desert, there are mountains everywhere, everyone is friendly, it’s a very homeschool-friendly state, very gun-friendly as well, we love our church, there’s nearby hiking, fishing, tons of parks (city and state), and it’s within driving distance of lots of national parks. Oh! And four seasons. FOUR!
  • I’m turning 34 this year. I haven’t feared a birthday since 24. I’m fine with 34, though it’s really hitting that I’ll be 34 when I have my first child, and we’d like to have more. I don’t guess they’ll be spaced out very well.
  • I love God and Jesus, my hubby, my animals, guns, cooking, hiking, singing, karaoke, TV, snarking TV, American Idol (did I mention singing and TV?), country music, movies, books (yes, I do have a whole Harry Potter category), my Kindle, photography (I’m not very good at it, but it doesn’t mean I can’t love it), sports (especially hockey and, lately, college football), and pretty much any type of game (board, card, domino…).

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  1. Hi, we got out dog in March and have taken her to the vet. She is a mixed breed and the vet couldn’t tell what mix she was. I’ve scoured the internet to try to find another dog that looks like her and lo and behold, there she was. She is the EXACT twin to Rowdi. When I saw it, I was sure it was her since a friend of mine found her. If you like, i will take a picture of Ginger and email it to you so you can see Rowdi’s “twin”. So how old is Rowdi? We think Ginger is 3 years old and is the sweetest dog in the world.

  2. SarahK, I was wondering if you’ve seen the new Bionic Woman show yet? I watched the pilot today and really liked it. One of the best parts is that Starbuck from BSG plays the bionic womans’ arch enemy. Do you have any thoughts on the show?

  3. By the way, I should note that though the Bionic Woman series hasn’t premiered yet, the pilot was available through my cable companies on-demand HD programming.

  4. We’ve seen previews for it, and they look pretty cool. That would be cool seeing Starbuck in another show. Especially since I now hate her BSG character.

  5. The pilot is also available on Unbox for $0.

  6. Hmm. I only just now noticed that Rowdi is named after a TV stuffed animal. All this time, I was thinking “Rowdy Yates” from “Rawhide.”

  7. [Wow] we have the same dog i swear!!! I was looking up Wanda from In Living Color (for a funny pic) and somehow I came across the pic of your dog Rowdi. He and my baby back in Texas look exactly alike!!! I’m scared!! LOL Seriously, though, we thought she was one of a kind, and now I know she’s not.

  8. Hmmm…seems to me that you might not have enough worms. According to the “hygiene hypothesis” — as described here: http://archive.salon.com/health/feature/2000/05/04/germ_warfare_two/print.html — if your immune system doesn’t have enough helminths to wrassle with, it’ll pick random parts of you to wrassle with instead.

    More at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helminthic_therapy.

  9. I read about half way through your adventure in medical waitng rooms when I realized something. Your right you are funny down right gut busting funny. You have got to have the greatest sense of humor to put up with all those Doctors that never listen to you. I’m new to your relm oh Queen of the Infidels. I will defiantely be back for the 2nd act.

  10. Are we kin? Just kidding… I was reading you “history” and some of it is much like mine Thyroid… MRI’s … doctors….

    Anyway, I like your site, so be forewarned… I’ll be back.

    Idaho, go with Idaho. Texas has four seasons too. Hot, Hotter, Hotter than heck, Cold.


  11. ramdomly passing through but had to comment, you sound so sick, you really should get an Appointment with Dr. Gregory House. That man is eccentric as he is is a true genius.

  12. I would like a password please. Also, does the password work for IMAO.us ? Thx!

  13. Hey, did you go to a different endocrinologist? If so who? I was just referred to Dr. Dhruv and when checking up on her found you. Not happy about it already.

  14. time to update, perhaps?
    3 cats, live in Idaho…

  15. I stumbled across your blog and can tell we could be friends IRL. We can swap neuro/epilepsy stories AND watch hockey. Are hockey players THE sexiest athletes ever to walk the Earth? I certainly think so. :::swoon:::
    Your fellow seizure sister,

  16. Hi! Love your husband’s musings (still exploring yours…that sounded weird). Looking forward to it! I love Idaho. Take care!


  17. Hi Sarah,

    Linked here from IMAO. I’ve suffered from chronic migraines increasing in frequency and severity throughout my life (now 48) until recently. Had the flu in early May. Two weeks later, I developed a severe sinus infection. Five (should have been ten) days of cefpodoxime and developed C. diff. infection. Seven days into a yougurt and chicken broth diet, my wife asks how long since my last migraine. Seven days. Hadn’t had a seven day stretch without a migraine for years. She suggests going gluten free (she’s a nurse.) I’m now 60 days gluten free and have not taken an imitrex the entire time. It’s been decades since I’ve had this long a stretch without a migraine. I’d have done this years ago had I known.

    Good luck with the baby. We have four: 11, 9, 5, and 2. Currently homeschool the three oldest.


  18. Andrew, that’s wonderful! Going gluten-free was what took away my migraines, too. HUGE change in my life.

  19. OMG, Wish I would have found your site earlier. I was referred to Dr. Dhruv back in 2007. She should not be practicing medicine. She completely misdiagnosed me. Told me I had to eat less (already starving myself) and to workout more (which i was already doing) to lose the drastic weight I had put on in less than six months. Never mind that I had a multitude of other symptoms that clearly pointed to Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome(PCOS)- which was immediately diagnosed and subsequently treated by a competent Endocrinologist (thank God my referring Dr. thought Dhruv was a crackpot and he order a second Endo opinion for me). Dhruv is just awful and am so sorry for anybody whose had her as their doctor.